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My phone rang exactly 12am today 21/4/18, guess who called, Mum. "happy birthday my dear son" were the first words she said, I could almost feel the excitement in her voice. I was gladdened, over my 2 decades stay on this planet, this was the first time mum would remember my birthday, still waiting for dad to call though.


I really am grateful to God for keeping me alive through these years. From my high school days, days in the university to days in the office, now days on steemit. It's really not been an easy ride but I always found strength to push through the difficult times.

Let me tell you a little about myself:
I'm Fabian Emmanuel Edet (@fabianmani), a native of Cross-River State, proudly a Nigerian. I'm a Christian, I'd like to think of myself as an entrepreneur. I'm very sociable, love making friends and travelling, (@sweetsssj I hope you'll invite me to Asia). A public speaker, a realist, and a lover of success. I love reading and listening to audio podcasts (mostly motivations). Very recently a crypto investor.
My best book is 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill (you might want to read it).

I had my High school Education at Lagos, Nigeria and my University education at University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria.

While in the university, I met a friend now a brother @emmyllionaire, he then was the project manager of my school's Enactus team. Enactus is a world renown organization, driven with passion for community and personal development through entrepreneurial actions. Just like our slogan "seeing opportunities taking actions" I saw an opportunity to be friends with this intelligent and innovative personality and I took it. He's been part of most of my life's decisions, from our early business days till date.

Shortly after graduation, I decided to go fully into entrepreneurship so I came up with a business idea and started up my own company, which I'm currently running.

Very early in 2017, I was introduced to steemit by a friend, I saw one of his steemit ads on Facebook, I got interested and boom, I signed up. And my life has radically and tremendously changed since I joined this great community.

I've met so many friends, from this community, some I engage with, some I admire from a distance.
Friends like: @dayjee (this guy is best buddy you can think of), @lordjames, @oyinoza (my love before the war), @sweetsssj (my steemit crush and she knows it), @dorbatim, @terrybrock (my public speaking role model and my soon to be mentor), @tarazkp (always feeding me with insightful posts, you are sure to learn from his every post), @futurethinker (the brain behind the promo-mentors project),
@yoo1900 (he's always there for the minnows), @flysky (helping minnows in his own way through the steemitschools), @mrposyble, @michaelizer, @evalina (my Asian friend), @damarth (he gave me my first upvote on steemit), @anafer805 (my South American friend) @utopian (always making contributors smile) these persons have had the most impact in me through my steemit journey.

I'm thankful most especially for the friends that have come my way through this years, they've help build me to the person I am today.

As a way of saying thanks, I'll dedicate this post's payout to the orphanage. I hope to out a smile on someone's face.

I look forward to having a more successful and memorable year.

Thanks to all my followers, thanks for the calls, msgs, chats and all the show of love. I really appreciate it. I love you all.


Happy birthday boss of life
More dollars i wish you

Where is the party?

Thanks man, I really appreciate

Happy birthday buddy. Have fun, enjoy the day, break someone's leg, slap a mopol, it's your day, we got your back. More blessings to you.

Hahahahaha, mopol is a special force in the Nigerian police.

Thanks bro, but you know slapping a mopol is suicidal over here, but I'll try sha. Maybe next year

Happy bday to u fabian..mre better yrs awaits u.

Thanks, you really have a nice hrt. You know what I mean...

I really appreciate you sir. Thanks

Happy birthday mate,flourish and prosper!

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great time celebrating. I look forward to talking more later.

Thanks you sir for your kind words and the gift. I really appreciate it. God bless you sir

Dear friend, you do not appear to be following @wafrica. Follow @wafrica to get a valuable upvote on your quality post!

Happy belated birthday 🎁 age with grace

Happy bday!

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