Steemit Copy & Paste Spammer - Give away password in my post.

in steemit •  last year

Password should be kept secret and it's a crime to share it to anyone.

One of my account got a trending post, and receive hundred of comment. Sadly, 98% of comment are garbage. Therefore spam message a sort of "please upvote me" comment. And one of this stupid account @bikash-tutor paste and post his account password. It means @bikash-tutor never read the post he is posted and of course I change it's fucking account's password and transfer sbd in this @exx007 account to punish spammer. In fact I hate them to much. This spammer was so lucky, no closed account link.

And the best part, this spammer's account was connected to @pfunk account that gain high reputation. It's means that spammer still on top and gain more dollar that those good folks who earn 0 dollar.

Fuck all spammers and there fucking supporters. I warm spammer, if anyone of you posted password in my post, I will not hesitate to change your password and transfer all sbd in this account @exx007. I have 28 account out there.

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