Steemit and Kryptonia Community Center - By ExploreTraveler

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ExploreTraveler Community Center Tacloban

We are happy to announce that along with our supporters we have opened a community center. The center is located within a bustling area of Tacloban close to downtown and local businesses.

Steemit users @maryliza and @exploretraveler are heading this project up along with other users.

Here is what we offer.

1. Internet for the local Steemit users.

2. A safe place to work for the community.

3. Meeting place for crypto-currency enthusiasts.

4. Small work center where the community creates crypto based clothing at low costs for businesses and others.

5. Meetup location where the community can get together once per month.

Right now two crypto based communities will use this center. Steemit users, and the Kryptonia/Superior Coin communities working together to keep it open for the community as a whole. We will have a grand opening soon, and will announce the timing here.

At the moment we don't have any furnishings and could use some help to get tables and chairs. Please donate to us via SBD or Steem, and we can accept any other crypto that we can convert to bitcoin.

We welcome all donations, and thank everyone in advance. 

Please add community center in the memo.


All earnings from this post goto the community center

@sydesjokes all superior coin donations can be sent here with community center in the memo 5ZANM87oycvTQk5mBc6LpJ5VBpCqyLaJfG1TDkLoKfGJ7Rr49tZh1MPH3avopFcrj2ZrWKE8EKN9hJULRjXDa2fUVrVNpuGKXLVA1EE48A

Wow, Congratulations to the Philippine Community. This is mrarvelous @exploretraveler.

Wonderful, the Philippines on the move!

@joanstewart Yes moving along quickly now, and we are already trying to see if we can do the same in different parts of the Africa continent. Trying to create win win for everyone involved.

Right choice to donate

A very much help from the heart is really appreciated 😊😊😊😊

Everything is coming together :-)

Wow excited for this congrats

The community is growing so fast now.

A token of help will be valued forever. Pls help our little team to grow. Thank you for the upcoming help.

We are very excited to see Tacloban on the rise. If this project works maybe we can help other communities.

and thats a very good idea Sir. Godbless to this community.

WOW! Congratulations in putting up that community center. Job well done everyone! :)

hi. explorer traveler. i always complete your task in kryptonia :)

Thank you @bigmike420 and we try to give more SUP for your crypto collection

yes. thank you for that :)

This looks wonderful and I am so glad to see this effort. I am always glad to tweet your posts when I see them in Kryptonia. They are always alluring and I'm happy to support.

Thank you very much for the feedback @fitinfun we really appreciate it.

Should also accept SuperiorCoin donations :

Yes @nafisislam we do please put community center in the SUP memo. 5ZANM87oycvTQk5mBc6LpJ5VBpCqyLaJfG1TDkLoKfGJ7Rr49tZh1MPH3avopFcrj2ZrWKE8EKN9hJULRjXDa2fUVrVNpuGKXLVA1EE48A

This is cool! I am about to finish my fundraising post for this actually but it's good you made one 🤗

Thank you @wilsonblue5 the more visibility the better :-)

Wow! Will definitely visit when i go back to tacloban!! So excited to meet the other members too.. 😍

Yes please visit and tell everyone how it's going.

A crypto community supporting a real community center wow this is great news.

Thank you @lordzugg community is what we are about for many years. We always appreciate everyones support.

Wooow! Thank you Sir @exploretraveler for helping the community. You have our support! 🤗

@zhayie03 We love what is happening and as a community great things can happen.

Declaring for Provisions! In Jesus name :)

Excited for this. Thanks sir @exploretraveler for helping us. And thanks te @maryliza for leading the taclobanph :)

Thanks @remieltbertes we just have to keep building as a team.

Yes and I am willing to be part of it .

Very good friend.
How are you..

Good jop friends

kindly follow back and upvote my posts please...

Excellent initiative to share and help the most needy, many successes,
I vote for you and I follow you

Nice one!
Keep up the good work :)))

Wow, Congratulations to the Philippine Community. This is mrarvelous @exploretraveler.

Thank you for making this possible @exploretraveler. Every help will very much appreciated.

Thank you so much for your generous spirit @exploretraveler and @maryliza. 😊