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I was looking at my account and trying to set some future goals for myself. 我看了一下我的账号让后终结了一些东西。


As I can see, I have 72 followers after writing 54 posts on steemit. This was accomplished from when I registered in June 2017 to now in a 2 month period. What I want to do now, is to try and write 3 articles a day to increase 。我现在有72个粉丝在我写完54文章之后。这是从我在六月时候到现在为止的一个时间标准。我现在想努力试试去没天写一下3个文章。

I decided I wanted to write about these subtopics:我比较想写一下关于一些这些主题

EkBlog- Where I share information or write about philosophy, different lifehacks, or just sharing interesting things I find.

InterviewPro- Talk about live cases I have at my company and also give tips and advice on interviews

LifeinShanghai- My blog and take on things that are happening around me where I live in Shanghai

365 Day PhotoChallenge- I just share a picture everyday and talk about how I view it.

RelationshipGuru - Ive had quite a lot of relationships dating since 16 and also self study of social dynamics, relationships, communication, interaction for 10+ years, along with going on multiple dating shows and attending a confidence bootcamp in 2010.

Thanks guys for the support! Love Steemit!

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Cool, looking forward to reading some of these.


thanks for the support!

Upvoted. I'll be resteeming this now :]


thanks so much!

there was this time I posted 4 articles per day....


I don't think I have the time to write 4 articles, writing 1 Chinese article already took me the whole morning haha!


of course back then, my posts were like 2 sentences :D


ahha thats why lol.... I'm going to try to find some!

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