How To Be Unf*ckablewith

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I love coming across trees like this in the woods. They remind me how focused and determined they are to reach as high as they can. And motivating in their own quiet way.

One of the most beneficial and purposeful things I've ever done in life has been my explorations in mediation. It's lead me to so many discoveries about myself and how the inner world is expressed outwardly, that I often find it hard to put into words.

There is literally nothing to it, so much so that it convinces the average person that it is just that. But when practiced regularly it has the ability to quietly and almost imperceptibly change your life for the better. I believe there is a direct relationship with someone's ability to handle stress and there capability of pursuing mediation. I'm not saying you can't be your best without it - I'm saying I'm at mine with it.

I'm labeling it as pursuit but it isn't actually something you pursue, more of an experience you open yourself up to -- for must of us, one that we've been avoiding.

I think nowadays it really needs to be explained to people differently. Especially with how unavoidably neurotic society has become. We are over stimulated and the idea of meditation, regardless of most people's perception of it, is nothing short of masochistic.

We all have power beyond measure, the problem is we think we have to do math in order to see it

Now more than ever might be a good time for you to revisit mediation, and maybe more importantly, open yourself up to what's really going on inside of you. Because there's something special in there. An immutable power that's been there all along, it's the real you who's happy and excited about life. And needs no stimulus to prove it. The simple act of becoming aware of it makes movement towards your goals in life effortless. If you have no goals, it helps you find them.

No more excuses.

I think this video might help you tap into what you've been missing


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