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Smartsteam is a website where we are offered a series of services to make money at the expense of our beloved Steemit platform. In Smartsteem we can:

  • Buy votes

Receive instant up voting with guaranteed positive ROI (15%)

  • Make an offer to vote

Participate in the bids by votes every 2.4 h. Votes are issued once the publication is at least 30 minutes old. You will be redirected to

  • Sell votes

Earn SBD & STEEM with your Steempower by selling your votes. 85% of the profit + Curation goes for you.

  • Delegate

Earn SBD & STEEM with your Steempower delegating to Smartsteem. 95% of our income from betting bots goes for you.

I have been trying for a while to buy and sell my own vote and the truth is that I do not have any complaints. I am a small user with a very small amount of Steem Power (SP), about 15 SP, for this reason I do not have much income using the page but any gain is welcome.

This page uses steemconnect which means that to enter we just have to enter this link, which is my referral link and registering with it would help me a lot:

We click on "login" and enter our data from our Steemit account and that's it, without annoying verification by mail.

These are my income so far on the page

I will pass them to my Steemit account so they can see that this page is very reliable. The first thing to do is to click on the button "withdrawn" in our balance and we will get this box, we will place the amount that we will withdraw, our user and in the memo we will put "Withdrawal".

We will get another box and confirm our option to withdraw and that way we will have our money in Steemit fast and simple. Now I will show you how the option to sell your vote to earn money works. We go to the section of the configuration and activate the option that is offered to sell the vote and then configure.

In the option of "poder de voto / voting power" I recommend that if they have a low voting power, that is, a low SP amount like mine, it is better to leave it at 75% because our vote is worth little and if we go down it will actually be harder to make Smartsteem sell our vote and we will not win much, that's for sure.

The percentage of profit will obviously leave it at 85% unless you want to make donations and collaborate more with Smartsteem, that is already at your disposal ...

The other important option is the "Selección de usuario de voto / Selection of voting user", I have it in "Todo el mundo / Everyone" because it is easier for the page to find us a post where to leave our vote but now if you are interested in choosing users of Certain quality can do it.

At the bottom of the page we see the most important thing, the authorization that we give to Smartsteem so that this vote
for us. We select "Autorice Smartsteem / Authorize Smartsteem" and will redigirá to the page of steemconnect. We confirm that we want to authorize the page, we login and it will tell us that the operation was successful.

Finally, regarding references, invite your friends and teammates to smartsteem and receive 0.5% profit from each vote sold by them. (this will be subtracted from the benefit of smartsteems).

Undoubtedly, this page offers us a lot, I invite you to try it and I hope you will be very successful. Any doubt leave it down ...

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