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The bot of steemit @booster is another bot that provides its service to the Steemit community to obtain more income in it. In recent days there have been many anomalies with the service of this bot. I sent him the amount of 1 SBD so that he would vote me with a voting power of 100%, which he had calculated on the website Steem Bot Tracker and this bot just did not vote me and kept my money, the voting power of the bot to 100% is worth 33.78 SBD.

In this image you can see the sending of 1 SBD to the bot and no refund of the same ...

We can see in the movements of the bot in Steemit.

Here it says that I sent the bot money 18 hours ago to the post d and in the image below says that I vote 13 hours ago, that is, 5 hours apart, even when the bot promises to vote our post in approximately 144 minutes which in turn is 2.4 hours. He voted me with a miserable amount of his voting power (when he had to vote with 100%).

Not only was I affected, I saw many who also had to be voted with 100% of the voting power of @booster but it was not like that and they were rewarded with only a miserly amount of voting power, I bought the service with the minimum that accepts the bot (1 SBD) but imagine the case of people who offered 10,15,20 or more SBD and if you look at the latest publications of the bot, there are many users complaining about scam and only ask for the refund of their money.

There is already a lot of evidence and I hope that with this it is clear that @booster is a dishonest member of Steemit and please, Do not give your money! You have a high risk of fraud.

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I have tried this bot and helped me like 2, 3 times but after that I started losing money. I agree is scam.