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RE: The Currency of Steemit Isn't Steem Power, STEEM, or SBD

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i posted a comment a month ago. i came back today and i saw it was still waiting in the box. prolly network issues.

i have a question and my question is is there anything that can be done the issue of flagging without reason? or better still selfish reasons


Well, not really. I was the "victim" (for lack of a better word) of quite a bit of flagging myself. Just try to make peace with them, I guess. You can read more here. Someone always has a reason, it just may not be very rational or make much sense to others.

well they might have their reasons but may not be rational like you said. i really wish they would stop it.

A guy flagged my friend because she is a muslim. imagine that.

i have been flagged like four times when i started steemit but since then i have been very careful

Some people also take flags too personally. Just get over it and move on, IMO.

i have gotten over what must have happened. i just look up to a better future