Welcome to Eve’s Life Coaching Crash Course!

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Your favourite bad teacher is here, listen up kiddos!

Let's scratch the life part and concentrate on Steemit!

This is a post I’ve been crafting for quite a while already; my tips and tricks to help you make it in Steemit!

Without tooting my own horn too much, I think I have earned some merit in here to be giving other people advice; being a full time blogger, and not living in my parents basement while doing so. From time to time, people also approach me, asking for advise. Taking all that into account, I have been slowly writing my biggest tips into a one big ass post.

This won’t be a guide to how to actually make a post if you just joined, this is made more towards people who already have some sort of idea how the platform works. I see a lot of talented people in here, many of who aren’t getting the attention I think they would deserve, this post is mostly made for them, if they wish to advance in Steemit.

Whether it is money or attention you want for your blog, here are some tips I think you might find helpful:

Be a hot girl

That’s it, and all there is to it. Class dismissed!

I’m kidding I’m kidding, relax. Ans also, not kidding all that much. There is no way around it, being a hot girl helps, in life and in Steemit, but if that is all you are, it’s not enough. And if you are not a hot girl, or a girl at all, it’s not the end of the world and it will not prevent you from getting that coin. But you know, if you are, it does help to post a selfie here and there so people will know that there is a hottie behind the good blog.

Have a niche and show your passion

What are you passionate about? What do you want to show people? Don’t tell me it’s cryptocurrency and market analysis, because I will tell you right now, DON’T! The place is flooded with TAs and nobody gives a shit, not really. I don’t think there is any way you will stand out by doing that. Unless you are hot girl and live stream talking about crypto naked, I don’t think anyone has done that yet. I’ll take a percentage of your earning if you use that one.

Are you an artist? Do you like philosophy, sports, or maybe you are a health freak and you want to write about it. What ever it is, show your passion for it. Don’t try to see what everyone else is doing and copy it. What ever your passion is, you are not the only one that likes it, there is space for everyone and all your freakiness. True passion and talent is quite easy to spot, much harder to copy.

Sell yourself

You are a brand, you have a persona and you have something you are passionate about, use it. You need to sell your soul personality to people for upvotes. If you have a great, fun and interesting personality, it doesn’t even matter much what you post, because people will like YOU. A lot of people will think of the personality behind the post when they push the upvote button, and not just whether the post is quality content or not.

Learn English

That is the language of the internet and if yours suck, it’s going to be a lot harder for you to get the support and exposure to your posts.

Sure you can hang out in a community that speaks the same language as you do, but that will limit your chances quite a lot. Google Translate comments and posts don’t work either, they are shit. Often times if you are not good at English and use translators, you will miss the humorous or sarcastic vibes of the post and completely misunderstand what the other person is talking about. It doesn’t matter if you are not perfect in English, but people need to be able to understand you, and you need to understand them.

Be active

No, I do not mean spamming, which you can’t even do now because you don’t have the required RCs for it. I mean posting, commenting, upvoting and chatting regularly and with meaning. When I first started, I was online for almost every waking moment.

Pay attention to your first image and title of the post

When people scroll through the feed, you have a millisecond to catch their attention. You title and first picture are the most important parts in that, so make sure they are good. Use a horizontal image because most people are on the desktop and vertical images don't work as the thumbnail, for reference, check the thumbnail of my previous post.

I break this rule from time to time, but I can do so because I already have a following. When you are just starting out, you need to pay more attention to it.

Know your audience

Pay attention to the time you are active and posting. What market are you tying to reach and when are they the most active. If everyone is asleep, your post will go unnoticed more easily.

At the beginning, I tried a lot of different times to post, and lurked when people who might be interested in what I do, are the most active. For me, what I think works the best, is when I post around 10pm UTC +2.


It doesn’t matter that you do one amazing post, not even if it goes to trending. You need to be able to put out interesting posts on a regular basis. I would start with one post per day, and make it a good one. When you do that for a while, when people check you out, they will immediately see that you are actively putting out good content and will be more interested in following you. If you just post once every blue moon, people might not want to follow you.

Get to chatting

Steem.chat is an essential place for you to be if you want to be something in Steemit. You can start from #general and changes are, you will find likeminded people and they will point you to other rooms that might suit your interests. Another important place where you can make friends and connections is Discord, where you need to be active too if you really want to get yourself noticed.

There are a lot of big users either active or stalking in chats, and you can easily get their attention if you are a cool dude/gal!

Don’t be a minnow

In my opinion, being a minnow is not determined by your Steem power, it’s a state of mind. I was never a minnow. You wanna be a big fish? Be one, but don’t get cocky! Dress the part, act like you belong here. It doesn’t mean that you have to know everything and that you can’t ask for help, but to be confident in what you do. You just start and be like a fish in the water. See a great post by some Steemit superstar, go comment like you are equals, not like you are a fangirl on Instagram whose comment will never be read by anyone. Start making posts like you are a pro, you don’t need to explain yourself, just get to work!

Do not buy votes or ask for votes!

Ever. No. Never ever. No bit bots, no follow4follow vote4vote. Not if you want to do this right and have a sustainable way up, there is no elevator to the top. Or there is, but the fall back down will be just as fast. If you climb your way up the stairs, possible drops won’t be that drastic.

I will go as far as saying that you shouldn’t even say that “maybe you want to check my post about blabla”, even if it’s related to the other persons post you are commenting to. If you make a genuinely good comment and show that you are interested in the same topic, changes are, they will check you out without you having to ask. And if they like what they see, you get yourself a follow and an upvote. Rinse and repeat.

Buy your way up to Power

"But you just said not to buy votes!"

Yes and this is not about it. I’m saying don’t buy votes, buy Steem Power. This is something most people who want to create content won’t do or don’t have a chance to do, I didn’t either, but it will help if you can.

People who come right off the bat with a lot of Steem power, will have a leg up. First off, you can give yourself a little something something by self voting your posts, which everyone else does too, it’s not very frowned upon. And if you do some research, you can see that whales who have never made even a single post, have a lot of followers, and it’s purely because people have looked into their wallet and seen that they have power. If those people ever decide to post, they already have a following.

Power up!

For at least the first few months on your Steemit journey, power up everything you make, even if your end goal is to live off of Steemit. And even after gathering a good amount of Steem, make sure to always have a proper amount of Steem power left. If you always power down and your vote is worth 0.01cents, it shows the community that you are here purely to take out what ever you can get, and you don’t care about other people.

Have a sense of humour!

Nobody likes a stuck up cry baby, period.

Woosh, I think that is it! I could go on for hours and hours, getting into all the little details and tricks, but ain’t nobody got time for that. These were all of course written from my point of view and what I have learned in the platform, other people might see things differently.

I really hope this long ass post helps some of you who are trying to make it in here! Let me know if you find this helpful, and if there is something more you would like to know!


Bout sums it up, huh? Lol what a post.

Pay attention to your first image and title of the post

That's a big one to me. Essentially marketing on a micro basis. Your photo and title are your post's billboard. I've been bad about photos with my posts lately, and those posts without pictures don't do as well.

What is steem chat? I've not heard of it in my nine months here.

As for vote buying, since I'm a little dude, I buy votes for other folks all the time if I don't feel like my small vote is enough. Went through a brief affair with the bid bots, but it wasn't sustainable to me, and I felt like I was really cheating.

The best advice I found when I first started here was to be active in commenting. It gets your name out and gets you embedded into the community. With that advice, I'd pair a membership with @dustsweeper because they help turn dust voted comments into realized income, which helps a lot. Though, I'm not sure if they'd go against your core buying rule.

Solid post. And yes, I'm buying you a @treeplanter vote.

How is it possible that you have been here for 9 months and nobody has pointed you to Steem.chat!? https://steem.chat/home register there, most people use the same username as in Steemit, so it's easier to spot who is who. Start from #general, say hi to everyone and do as you are told by the queen @suesa in there!

Buying votes for other people is a really nice gesture, but trying to buy your way up to trending doesn't really work in my opinion, it's not sustainable. I'm of course speaking just for me, but I don't really upvote people who I see buying votes for theirs posts. And from what I know, the whales don't really hang out on the trending page, trying to find good content, and those are what most want to attract. Using bit bots, you'll probably just end up using a lot of money, and not getting that much in return. If you work your way up and get an organic following, you'll have a way more sustainable journey in here.

You make me seem so ... dangerous. ^^

You are, if anyone gets on your bad side ;)

..... can't argue with that tbh.

You're on my good side <3

See you on the good side next week! 🤗

Yeah, that doesn't make @suesa sound intimidating at all lol I'll try and stay away from her bad side.

I'll swing by and check it out, thanks!

Be a hot girl

That is so helpful, I will try to do that more often, thanks! LOL
But yeah, these points are spot on! I also wanted to add:

Use proper tags.

As a curator, we depend on stalking different tags here on Steemit. And if you don't use the proper tag or if you use the less popular tags, there will be less chance of your content to be seen. We do check on self promotion channels on different Discord servers and also find gems on some resteems by other authors... Tags may be seen as less important but in reality they are really important - especially for those who don't have much followers yet. :D

You got the hot girl part down!

That is a good tip! I am so set on my ways of using the same tags that I didn't even think of it. If someone got son doing their own tags like one would on Instagram, nobody is going to find their post.

I think yours is okay now (even better to create your own tag) since you have established some followers already! And you can be seen on trending page sometimes :D

WOW! Impressive collection of good advice, that will actually work! Although I think the first one is really the biggest one 😎 What I'm not sure about is donate fork 🍴 How about a knife with that? 🍳

Well for forks sake! Thanks for pointing it out...

Excellent tips! ...also, how about responding to those who comment. You do that well. Engaging with your audience is key and the comments section is a bloggers window to their audience. Engage!

Thanks! I think most have the problem of getting those comments to answer to, let's get that fixed first, then we deal with answering to them :)

I was going to bring an apple to my favorite bad teacher but i was a bad boy....

Oh I don't mind sharing, but just this once!

Learning English is a good tip.



Eipä mitään, ilo olla avuksi!

English is my first language and I write at a reasonable level, of competency. One of the main reasons bounce from a person's blog here on steemit is poor punctuation, spelling and construction of their writing. I make concessions for non-english speakers and those who make some endeavour to try, however in the main, if the blog is not crafted well I leave. A bit brutal I guess, but it's how I am.

So, your suggestion to learn better english is a good one. I don't know how many people, who are not hot girls already, can be that way, especially men, so learning english is a viable and valid alternative. :)

Like you can guess, English is my seconds language, and while I think I'm pretty good at it, I'm definitely not perfect. I am the same as you and I just can't really deal with poor English. It's not enjoyable to read and even though the person might have something valuable to say, when it's badly executed, it's pretty useless.

You use english well yes. You sound Finnish when you write though, which is always going to happen. My family live there and the one's born there speak the same as you write. It's not a bad thing though, just noticeable. My sister in law speaks english really well and I told her that after a year or so in Australia she would probably lose that Finn-ness.

I cringe when reading some posts...Like I REALLY want to get into it but just can't because of the way it's written. We all make typo's so I ignore them mostly (unless there's gazillions) but spelling and punctuation...well, It needs to be right.

You write very well though, as do a few others I follow who don't call english their second language. @honeydue, @danielapetk, @insaneworks and others...

Besides, you're a hot girl right? What could go wrong! :)

I don't wanna sound Finnish when I write in English! :( Though, I should maybe give myself some slack, I'm new to this writing thing, in any language.

You don't really sound Finnish, well, not to most people probably. There's just a couple times you have to me...I suppose if I didn't know you were Finnish then maybe I wouldn't pick it.

You write really well. It's easy to read, upbeat and interesting. Funny too sometimes. You are good at it.

They are some good tips . I’m Irish so I better learn English soon because people don’t have a clue what I’m on about! 😂😂! Stop the lights!

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Hahah, I don't think the Irish comes up in the written form too much ;)

Perfect photo for this post!

Buying steem! The one thing it seems a million people didn't/don't want to do. It was a big move for me and instantly made this all more real and gave me a vote worth more than a penny. The one downside was i bought it back in January when it was almost 6 dollars. Back then i didn't know a lot of the things you posted here and had to learn the hard way.

Well now you have no choice but to keep going, ain't no use selling at a huge loss :D Learning the hard way is probably the best way to learn, but I don't mind giving a few tips to people who haven't figured this all out themselves.

I wonder if many people like me have this thing going on where they censor themselves out of existence in regards to commenting and engaging here. I'm not very comfortable with it. Here i'm a different person in a lot of ways. I've never been a writer but it wasn't a requirement for artists and musicians and other creatives. Hmmm, now i'm drifting off on a tangent with no end in sight... I like your posts because you just go for it and put yourself out there.

For me, it's easier to be completely me on the internet, than it is on real life. I always encourage people to share more of themselves, in terms of connecting with others, not taking their clothes off per se :P

Sounds advice I'm getting there after a long lapse I back with ideas and passion just need the timing now haha 💯🐒

Uhuhuh! Or invest with money for SteemPower!

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Graceful job :-)

You are my favorite bad-ass teacher 😍 ps. And you dont need photoshop 😛

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Yep, I can sign under almost all You said, good stuff! Only thing I started to think about and have different opinion is using the bid bots to rise the value of our posts - of course, it can be difficult to understand for beginners how it works, what is worth doing and what not, it is high risk, that instead of faster grow and develop we will loose our money to the bots... but the other side of the coin is that proper using of such option really speeds up the growing process and make our posts more visible to people - our potential followers. It helps but as I said - not always.
The only rule here should be - don't try to push up shitty content! Always remember to give Your best and make it worth something to others.

I agree that your status measured by the state of your mind. not your steem power.

Don’t be a minnow

Youre so bad now i wish im a hot girl haha

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I fucking love this post. I’ll comment more later but for now... boom 💥 perfecto baby. Resteeming

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