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I follow quite a few individuals who I think deserve much more attention than what they are getting now. I don’t have much Steem Power to make a real difference, but I think I have a bit of influence in this platform.

All of the following people have been in Steemit for a good while, and I have been following and communicating with all of them, more or less. They all entertain me in different ways, and they are a good example of what kind of different interests I have.

So without further ado, here are a few recommendations of people you should follow:


Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 14.26.14.png

A fellow Finn, living on a little island in the archipelago. Artist, singer, songwriter, actor, handyman, and funny as hell! He lives an interesting life, different from most people, and shows us little glimpses of that, from singing to fixing up things on the island, to beautiful sunsets over the ocean and everyday life.


Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 14.25.10.png

Writer and an asshole, the kind I like. This guy gives no fucks about your opinion and spits out some harsh truths and gives tough love. I’ve been following him since he joined, and I’m always intrigued by his posts. Inspiring and thought provoking, funny and filled with attitude, definitely not for the faint of heart and easily butt hurt people. I need more people to follow and upvote his posts because he won’t keep writing if I’m the only one fangirling him. So this is purely selfish of me to try and promote his blog, sorry not sorry.


Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 14.30.15.png

Franz, Estonian guy, the only one of these I have met in real life, and can confirm that he is such a cool and nice guy in real life also! He is very much into nature photography, mostly doing it around Estonia, but he recently took a trip to Iceland and has been sharing the fruits from that. I highly recommend checking the pictures out because they are amazing!


Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 14.26.38.png

She writes about her life, daily adventures with her kids and everyday things, but in a very entertaining way. It’s not one of those borings ass mommy blogs you see everywhere, but more like novels, not too long for my short attention span, that are a mix between reality and something dream like. What I really like about her writing is that even when she clearly writes about her own life, she vails everything in a bit of mystery, not uncovering everything or giving too much details, leaving her with privacy and us with room for imagination.


Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 14.24.53.png

A photographer kid from Boston. He has a very authentic, natural and real approach to photographing people in cool surroundings. A real artist at heart, sharing beautiful images along with some stories and thought that go well with the photography. You can feel the passion for photography in his work, and passion is something I always look for in the people.


Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 14.25.45.png

A skilled knife maker, gentleman with a spark in his eyes, and a coffee addict. I love watching people who keep the old traditions of hand crafts alive, and do it so well! He shares process pictures and videos of his knives, with the occasional holiday picture here and there. If you appreciate hand crafts like I do, you will surely be interested in his content.

I can’t take any credit for finding these people, as I think all of them found me first and commented in a way that made me check what they do and start following them.

Go check them out and then get back here to thank me for directing you towards more awesome content!

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And what about my boyish good looks? My omnipotent intelligence and groundbreaking humor? Not to mention my love-hate relationship with ducks & cats!
I have so many layers.
I am like an onion - if you keep me too close I make you cry and if you ignore me for too long I start to smell really bad.


They will have to figure all that out by following you! 🤗

Girl you put me on a list!
he moonwalks past the mirror flexing his muscles
Thank you, it's a big thing being mentioned by a legend.
stops by the mirror, pulls his imaginary pistol of love, shoots, blows the gunpowder fumes from the end of the pipe..
You're the best <3


You deserve to be on a list! Oh how badly I want to add a joke about a different kind of list called sex off.....

You calling me a legend makes me sound old! 😂 But thank you love!


Yeah let's leave those other lists out of this discussion 😂
I could imagine you being an old soul in a young body 💪

Yes, Eve is absolutely correct. If you don't follow me, what the fuck are you doing on Steemit?


Well duh, I'm always right!

I'm on here? I feel really special. That's also the nicest thing anyone ever said about my writing - thanks so much.

I'll check out all the other folks you have up here.


You should feel special, because you are! 🤗

This is the part where I should say thank you, soo thank you for mentioning me and saying some great stuff :D!! It indeed is a great idea to give some motivation to the people not leaving the platform.

Note: Just to knowledge for you and everyone. Im not leavig anywhere. At least not in the near future :D


I knew you are already deep in Steemit, but I want you to get more recognition! :)

Eve! I hadn’t seen this gem. I appreciate you thinking of my work, and I wanna meet your follows too. This should be a tag! “esteemedfollows” or something clever.

I follow one, I will check out the rest! These are always the best types of post I like to see from fellow steemians and friends.


I hope you find something of interest, and I'm sure you will! :)


I read this as the reply to the wrong post, lol.

I am sure I will find one or two gems here.


Haha, I would hate not knowing, even though I love a mystery, I just want to solve it! 😂 Though there is something about knowing that could make it awkward, like feeling that you "owe" something to the person for being so kind. I feel like that quite easily even if it's like a drink someone bought me in a bar!

ps. I'm trying to holler at you in the chat, open it!


Hahahaha, I was wondering that what a weird reply, but I had just read your post so I knew what you were referring to! 😂

I love when people highlight pages that deserve a wider audience!


I do too! I do it mostly because I want to encourage them to keep on doing what they do, so I can enjoy the fruits of their labour 😝

cool! I got a new photographer to follow! Already knew @thatkidsblack since the day he started pretty much but @greddyforce is new to me! Thanks for doin' this! i'll have to keep my eye out for more of these from you!


Yay, I'm glad I got to introduce him to you! :)

I agree @docsmith is the man! I’m a big fan of his knives. Thanks for highlighting the others too. I’ll check out their content.

Steemit in Dark Mode looks cool 😋


I don't get why everyone doesn't use it on the dark mode!

I certainly will check them out, thanks! By the way good morning to you. How are you this beautiful day in Helsinki?

thanks you , awesome post.

Sad I didn't make the list. Just a cybersecurity guy blithering on about what frustrates me.


An impressive and diverse list! I looked through each one and I have followed one of them. It is the one who resembles me in some ways, as I have a few personalities hiding in me. But the @redbeardguy in me comes out often, but I try to temper him at times. So I guess I will watch him for awhile, and try to learn from his assholeishness (?), which one of my personalities admire.


I can definitely see some similarities in you two! I hope you enjoy his content as much as I do.


I read about 10 of his past posts already. I will definitely keep reading. He is worth the time. I don't agree with all of it, of course. I think I hit his "pussy" meter a few times. But it is definitely entertaining.