Steemit Economy 101 : Infographic's on Steem , Steem Power and Steem Dollar

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Here is the Link for the Infographic , have a look and perhaps bookmark this page if you're interested in more

Steem Tips & Facts


keep the infographics coming!!!

What's the license on your infographics? Creative Commons by chance? I might like to include it with some content I make and want to make sure that's ok with you. Great work btw!

Share it out , cause i made this , feel free to share out the love without having to worry !

Great infographic. Thank you!

WTF I upvoted this and I have 1 penny upvotes, and it didnt go up! It stayed at $5.08 why isnt it going up? u deserve WAy more for this! I anna be abe to resteem old articles, man @dan and @cryptoctopus do u know why I cant make old posts like go up in price? Is it because its a pre hard fork post?

and @ethbull pLEASE repost these infographics in a new pst! teemit has a lot of new whales now!

You made that infographic and only got $5? Damn. Definitely deserved more.
I've got a $.19 upvote, comment/reply and I'll contribute that meager amount.

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