Spread the Love , please Everybody just hear me out! For the sake of the Steemit Community

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Why is there so much Negativity already on Steemit ?

Just about everywhere you browse online you can find negativity associated with Steemit.com , there are so many individuals who feel that Steemit is a complete disaster , expressing great concern over the fact that's it's not sustainable or a complete Ponzi Scam.

Okay so let's just go over some common complaints that you'll regularly encounter:

1) Steemit's Economy is complete utter rubbish and it's not sustainable in the long run!

Well , right on point because we don't know whether is Steemit is Sustainable , it's relatively a new project not even a year old. Unless this person has ''Magical power'' to see in the future , his/her claim is nothing but speculation based on negativity. We have a lot of Economists and Blockchain Experts monitoring STEEM's Blockchain24/7 , however it's funny how people can already determine the sustainability of a Cryptocurrency and Social Network. I alway love reading Economist Theories , they remind much of Greek Philosopher's ( Look at where the Country is Now , after being the birthplace of Mankind idealogy's ) so its best to keep up with Data Analysis who know how to read and monitor STEEM's Blockchain . Listen to them because they make assumptions based on statistical analysis , keep up with @hisnameisolllie .In today's Dynamic Financial Markets, where data is manipulated by Elites or Educated people who claim that our economy is growing but at the same time it's accumulating a lot of Debt . NO ONE IS COMPLAINING because we all benefit , you have access to Public Infrasture ,Health Care , Education System and most importantly you'll have financially support from the Bank. Our Global Economy is not sustainable because it accumulates Debt that burdens future Generations. Governments & Banks who build and regulate today's modern Economies, have been around a lot longer than Steemit.com or STEEM . We can conclude that World grew very prosperous the last millennium , growing from a Debit & Credit System which is not sustainable in the long run yet we can make assumptions that Steemit is not Sustainable based on just pure speculation.


A project that's not even a year old already gets bad publicity, that's bad parenting for a young baby! Let's just hope Steemit's Social Platform & Cryptocurrency has a foreseeable future , keep up with the blockchain and believe this Project can work , because it's going to do more Good than Harm.


Life is build on a complete Ponzi Scam that is driven by Capitalism itself , it's clear that our Economy is not sustainable in the long run yet , we aren't doing much to improve the Situation ! There is no such thing as a perfect sustainable Economic System , some are designed better than others , hence why you should give Steemit a thumbs up, as we embrace a new disruptive technology such as Blockchain Technology and Cryptology. You should be asking yourself , what about Steemit is not Sustainable instead of making such a Bold Statement. Just like half the people here who claim to be Economists don't have single Idea on how a Blockchain actually functions. To be honest, no Economic system is perfect ! Everything in life is big ponzi scam , driven by capitalism. However Steemit.com gives you the chance to earn yourself in . No one asked you to invest more money in this , you trust Governments and Banks with today's Economy yet we all know that it's not Sustainable to accumulate Debt.


Steemit.com is just a fancy site build on top of STEEM a decentralized blockchain , what is it essentially doing is that it's actually bootstrapping a Digital Currency. All the information is available for the General public with little to no restriction . We enjoyed growth through Debit & Credit knowing it accumulating Debts but when Governments says that our GDP is growing based on some Statistics they essentially want us to believe we are achieving sustainable Growth? The Truth is , a lot of people don't understand Economics because there is no sustainable system out there ! Name me one ? In fact , our natural ecosystem consisting of Plants and Animals have a more sustainable system (Has been around for millions of years) , the food chain makes more sense in terms of Sustainability than our current Economic system run by Governments and Banks !

2) Steemit is not fair at all , the Whales accumulate so much power ! Minnows don't get rewards like those Invest themselves in the Community!

Have you played Monopoly before ? If yes , did you enjoy the game ?
If you did enjoy the game it is most likely you did because you were winning , please don't be grumpy loser!

Monopoly is fun because , everyone is given a chance to become wealthy based on luck and strategy. Where as in real life some a more fortunate than other's , so we have to deal with it. Life is not fair for Everybody and it never will be .

Economics consists of small and big Monopolies but Steemit is a monopoly where you can win with cheer determination and willpower. You don't need money to become Popular or Wealthy on Steemit.com , hard work through social interactions and contribution is all you need to earn yourself in.

First of all , @ned & @dan are 2 individuals who came up with the idea of Steemit in the first place. The reason why you earn for actually being social in the first place is because of them.

Well , hell yeah . Who in the right mind would Work for free in this World.

What do they all have in common , they are filthy rich Billionaires who earned their money from their users . In their eyes you're nothing but a so called Minnow , who helped build their Empire from the ground. All these big Corporation , owe their success to us allowing them to accumulate enough wealth to last for generation. We create all the great content yet our Founders are cashing-in.

Ned Scott has allowed us to get a share of that wealth. Without them there would be no opportunity like this and without us there would be no Steemit , same goes for any Business out there. Steemit.com is incredibly easy to use Social Media , that could easily compete with Facebook ( 1.7+ Billions Users ) and backed by a decentralized Cryptocurrency called Steem , a truly unique Blockchain that has a reward mechasim to distribute wealth.

Ned Scott actually likes users Posts, something I would never expect from Mark Zuckerberg or any other CEO to do.
Please enjoy a comfortable life as you help others ! This project already made Headlines , as Millions get Distributed to the early Steemit Community.

One Upset Steemit Users actually wrote this;
Facebook and YouTube offer much better platforms. Yeah, I may not make money, but at least I'm getting a fair shake.


What are you on about ? Are you a successful Youtuber or have many followers on Facebook. Just use Steemit.com as social media , don't invest any money but perhaps your time . It's a win-win situation , yet you're complaining like this. You don't see the bigger pictures but mostly just feel sad you didn't earn any profit. Yeah we joined because we thought we could earn some money , that's everyone first thought when they got on Steemit.Busy with today's Social Media like Facebook or Twitter , we had no idea that our content is valuable until Steemit.com starts paying you for it. May the payment be its own Cryptocurrency , what matters is that you're rewarded at the of the Day for something that should have initially been for free. A lot of Users are amazed at the fact that Steemit is actually paying out its cryptocurrency out to it's User ,at the same time there are plenty of complains that certain Steemit Individuals are getting rewarded too much . This is Ridiculous , but fair enough it's not Sustainable to have post earn so much money while others don't earn anything , so you'll see a lot of arguments regarding Steem Power , Voting Rights and Post payout's.

3) Steemit Developers control everything about STEEM ! It's in the hand of Corporation!

Please Read this


A hardfork is a change in the business logic that powers Steem. The Steem network has many checks and balances to ensure everything is vetted by a decentralized group of trusted (elected) individuals before taking effect. No hardfork will take effect until at least 67% of the active witnesses have upgraded to the latest update.

Just because Steemit Inc. releases a new version of Code does not mean that everyone is forced to upgrade to the new code. This post is was written before the release of an Update , in the event where release Update (0.14.0) was rejected by the witnesses.
So if you're making that assumption that Steemit Developer Control Steem!
I can say you know what term Hardfork means , whereby Fundamental changes are made to the entire Blockchain.


We canactually vote for our Witness , just like how we elect governments . So it's not control by its founders , as this Network Grows , expect more media attention on popular & Influential Steemit Users

For those thinking that they Should Quit Steemit because you have a fishy feeling

But why quit, any community needs different opposing voices toward a view toward reason.
A better solution would be to pop by from time to time and even google Steemit to easily find the latest big issue and give us your opinions.It's a free country; that is why we pay trillions of dollars to the military to keep it that way, so leave if you feel you must.

The internet is a huge world so maybe you will find other places you feel you can happily hang your hat and put your feet up, I for one think people should try and make Steemit work.
This is a new radical Social Media experiment which is essentially bootstrapping a new digital currency , Steemit could use all the positive Feedback in order to grow , because it's defininately sticking around .


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Great article :) we will all find out how this turns out together. I'm hoping it's a success!


I agree , hope Steemit becomes a Success ! We need everyone to wake up . Everyone works so hard for money , in order to live a good life . If we can give Value to paper , we can give Value to Steemit !
Great Article !

This is a really well written article. Nice job!

With you on this, @ethbull

Early days.
Negativity at this point helps nothing.
Improvements to be made, for sure.

So much can happen, if we the users get stuck in and enjoy it.

Still very upbeat about Steemit myself.

Love Peace Freedom.

I don't think anyone understands economics. I sure don't and I've a graduate degree in management which included courses in economics and finance. From reading a little bit of history that doesn't seem to be a lie (most of it is) it would seem that economics has been pretty much mess up since breton woods. I've come to the conclusion that economics, or the market is a chatotic system. In other words there are a great many variables that interact in a great many ways and it's so damn complex that no one has much of a clue. The upshot is that when ever anyone trys to regulate, they do more harm than good.

And that's what the crybabies are doing. They want regulation for THEIR benefit.


A free market works best when it's free. The less free it is the worse it works.