On a Visit to the Historical Rock OLOMU Rock Abeokuta

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There have been so many stories , talks and ear says about the Nigeria Number one Tourist center Olomu Rock, Abeokuta Ogun state. Some say it's a story of Victory, others say a love story while others say it a story of how supernatural beings protected the Igba people.

So here's my story
Olomu Rock is in Abeokuta Ogun state Nigeria, popularly called Igba meaning under the Rock.
It has an Art Gallery, an eatery a hotel and very many fun centers.
It has a lift which will take you to the hill top but where is the fun there.
My friends and I the Amicus Bonus Team went through the hill climbing.
It was scary as I was scared of heights and held my friends closely as not to fall.

Olomu Rock is 137 feet above Sea level.

For us Amicus Bonus it was an experience we would never forget as we got to know ourselves better. We had fun played games and took lots of pictures.
Amicus Bonus team comprises of Three boys and three girls.
Lovely team. Esther, Shola, Dorcas Aphalson, Ebuka and Stephen.
Here's my experience .

I hope you felt like going there too.
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