Could this be love ?

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I know its not like me to post something about this title.
But I believe you have the best answers to give me on this.
Recently I graduate from my ND program.
I usually do not believe in love but recently changes are been made in my life.
I had a friend I was very close to during my ND days . It was not love at first but sincere admiration. Gradually it grew and I began to have a crush on this guy. It wasnt really my idea but i noticed he responded a lot to physical touch. From there I knew his primary love language was physical touch . I started feeding into it and before I knew whats next my feelings for him increased.
I was happy anytime we talked and loved staying around him.
He has the affectionate attribute and shows it in public. This made him like him more.

My love story would have continued but things began to turn around.
Prior to the beginning of another semester we started hanging out more frequently.
I told myself girl this is it. Unfortunately for me my love was unrequited.
He introduced me to a girl on her matric day and at first I was like it doesn’t matter , she may just be his friend .
But getting into the semester our relationship began to drift apart. I tried getting closer but every time I tried there was this attitude he gave me.
Little me wondering what I did
Not long I found out it wasn't me it was her.
For the first time in my life I had never seen a guy look so intense at a lady.
When ever she came over he just spends the whole time looking in love with her.
I was quite jealous but I consoled myself telling me that I needed not to worry over a guy that doesn’t have me in mind.
I didn't push any further
I started paying attention to other guys and did little friendship with them.But deep down inside of me I knew he was the one I wanted.

The suprising thing about him was that wheneverhe was with me he always acts as if he doesn't want anyone else but me.
So this made me very confused.
There was a time I went for a Night Program and slept over in the town He stays to get to school (off campus hostel) . So I decided that I would go over to his hostel and we would go to sch together. Getting there was wonderful, he made me feel like a princess, soon this Lady came over and we were there together.
A lecturer from school came into his room and was like "You have got two beautiful ladies which one is your wife " He smiled and pointed at her. I was not supposed to feel bad because I knew something was cooking up between those two . But it really made me feel so bad . Not because he choose her but because of the way he acted doing it like if he was in between the Devil and the deep blue sea.I was an option of comfort.

Our semester ended and we came back for project defense . Then all of a sudden he said he wanted to pay me a visit . He did and we had fun . We went to stream and it was so fun.
He started visitng me more often but when ever she called he would always step out.
Later he told me he had feelings for me and he thought I was going to distract him that was why he gave his attention to that lady.
I didn't know what to say.
I didn't trust him

We graduated and he wrote me a letter before i departed saying I was important to him .
Its been almost a month I left school and he has been calling me everyday for the past two weeks. He always tells me he misses me.

Right now I don't know what to do ?
He hasn't been specific on what our friendship is about.
And I don't know if I can trust him and go along hopefully something is going to happen.
So I need all the advice I can get .
Your comments and advice would be very appreciated.


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