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RE: The Steemit Hero's Journey: Remembering why we're here, and where we're headed.

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Great thoughts here @lovejoy!

SteemFest is always a great example of the potential of this platform. I struggle to think of anything else that would cause people to travel thousands of miles outside of their comfort zones, shed their anonymity, and hang out with people they've never met face-to-face.

I attended and presented at SteemFests 1&2. Meeting and spending time with so many like minded people was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and was life-changing. I think that communities will help to tap into that same excitement and kinship, 24/7.

I'm very excited to see what this next year brings. I think your mention of censorship-resistant news would be something very important to focus on.

Personally, in this next year I'd like to see a coordinated effort to attract big names to the platform. I'm going to be using my resource credits to create Steemit accounts for news outlets, established publications, and celebrities that I think would bring value and visibility to the platform. I created a @kindnessdiaries account for Leon Logothetis a few days ago and an @mprnews account and gifted it to them this morning!

Cheers, my friend!


Thanks for the thoughtful words @ericvancewalton! Yeah, I remember having such a great time at SteemFest 2 in Lisbon with you and all the other amazing folks there. SF is definitely a testament to the power of the Steem blockchain!

Bringing on some more big names to the blockchain will certainly make an impact, and I'm totally on board... I only think we need a little while longer onboarding folks with a personal touch before the big names start pulling folks in by the thousands. I know Roadscape is doing his level best to bring Communities online as swiftly as possible, and after communities 1.0 is out and stable, then improving the onboarding method is going to be crucial for bringing in the hordes. So I guess I see a bit more of a ground game being necessary before we truly bring out the big-guns, celebrity endorsements, etc.

Communities themselves won't really start to sink in until they've been released for 3-6 months, and then there are a slew of features that can be added to communities as well... so. Still ramping up.

We should get coffee or tea sometime before I leave Mpls for the winter. :)


You’re welcome! Getting together for tea would be great! I’m traveling until early December but am home that entire month. I hope you won’t be gone yet.

@lovejoy my email address is [email protected]. It'd be great to coordinate tea in December if you can. Lars said he'd like to meet for lunch as well, he and I have to coordinate that.

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