One Year Anniversary on STEEMIT! MAMA I MADE IT

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I Finally made it!

I joined steemit one year ago on 6th June 2017 after watching a video about steemit from @jerrybanfield . I had taken a few courses that he offered on udemy and i knew he wasn't selling snake oil because i had implemented his facebook ads strategies on my offline business and it worked so i knew he was legit.

One month after joining Steemit i made $700! i had never made that much money from blogging in my life! and i'm eternally grateful to Jerry. But right after HF19 Things went south fast! Steemit started to have this authoritarian rule by whales and minnows were not making any money and you could easily be shout down with a single downvote like what happened to @berniesanders the other day. Minnows had only two options bow to the pressure and bend to the WHALES NEW WORLD ORDER or express their opinion and be downvoted to oblivion.

I choose the third option, opt out. I created my own blog,placed two adsense ads,made merch on teespring and sold on the site and asked for donations to keep the blog going. i managed to make $300-$800 per month this way and although i knew i would reach more people and earn more by blogging on steemit, i never saw the need. On my blog i was my own master. No whales,no NWO...just me.

Now that Steemit has hit 1M accounts and people like @berniesanders can air their opinion and the community supports them when the Whales come after them kinda gives me hope for the future.

Don't get me wrong not all whales are evil....just a few who make it sound like it's a crime to talk about how much money people want to make on this platform while they themselves are stockpiling SP for the same reason...making more STEEM on steemit.

Okay, now my rant is over...happy one year anniversary to me. Off to eat a cupcake to celebrate this day.


Welcome to Steemit @erickjongo :)

Welcome to Steem, @erickjongo!

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