It's becoming harder and harder to blog on steemit

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Lately i have been lacking motivation to write or post anything on steemit especially after the Segwit. I know most are expecting me to go all soft and beet around the bush on the real issue here but i have 3 major reasons why i have kinda stopped blogging and they are:-


Since HF19 and the capitalist nature that existed before where the amount of steem power made you reward posts with a huge share of SBD/SP indiscriminately was scrapped and now post hard fork you kind of have to set the amount of percentage of the vote power and also limiting the number of times one can upvote a post for the small guys, people have lost motivation to buy steem to boost their SP and this has led to low demand of steem and with it the price fall.

At the moment steem is going for $1 from $3 pre HF19. steem used to be directly proportional to the price of bitcoin but that isn't the Case anymore.

So nowadays you get less sbd and sp for your content and that little you have is close to worthless in the exchange marketplaces. For me, I'm mostly on steemit to make money and when i make a friend or read a very interesting post i consider it a bonus but my primary goal here is to make money!

Lately i earn more money writing essays or sales copy for my other businesses than i do steeming. And also for my offline business the time i spend researching on how to improve it is worth more than time i spend writing on steemit. So for me steemit isn't worth it anymore at this given moment.

Founders and Key people infighting

Before i address this i just want also to point out that the guys who built steem and steemit seem to be having like a gazillion other projects on the side and in so doing i feel they have demoted steemit and steem to a hobby making me wonder why I'm giving it too much of my time.

As for the beef and disputes, lately the downvoting of major and key players and contributers to the platform has been very discouraging although the censorship kinda cooled down. Still this is not the kind of image a company with a mission so big should be showing out publicly especially to the little guys like me.

It gets boring to be nice all the time
Nobody here is ever allowed to post a contrary opinion or differ with social norms this has led to a cult like community where everyone is nice and accepting and naive sounding this niceness has really bothered me to a point where i rarely expect honesty from articles i read here and when i do find to rare moments someone has gone against the grain it's a hallelujah moment for me.

Plus very many crooks and cons masquerade as nice people here selling their crap that in the real world they would be called out for but not on steemit.

My 2 cents
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