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I must confess it took me a little while to come up with anything , like any thing at all, there was a series of writing and erasing along the line with no real thing to hold on to.

I have been away for a while due to some work related and personal stuff, This short time  give me a little cyber detox (more like 20% detox) it was a good rest while it lasted.

I'm back !!!, 

I hope not like Maze .........


so I was thinking of giving the most EPIC (pun intended ) "I'm back post", but here I am , just Epik!

I ended up spending a whole lot of time reading  about how to get back after a while of absence  and  here is a few tips I came across : 


  1. Get Inspired and Motivated. One of the biggest barriers to getting back into blogging is that you may feel uninspired. ...
  2. Jump Right Into It—No Apologies Necessary. ...
  3. Set a Schedule to Stay Consistent. ...
  4. Use Your Metrics to Keep You Accountable.


I'm still very much dedicated to the journey to become a dolphin as ever, and I intend to be more active in the community, sharing my motivations and inspirational post with a little of  every other thing.

Thanks to @jodipamungkas for the Nigerian badge

This is my journey from a minnow to a dolphin.

intend to continue this series as I  gradually transform to a dolphin.

All rewards from this series will go to 100% POWER UP


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Welcome back. ;)

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