Can A Lone Wolf Thrive Successfully On Steemit?

I was browsing through the different communities here on Steemit to see if any of them would be the right ones for me to join for the kind of writing that I do. You see? Up to this point in time, I have never been a member of any community here on Steemit, and, therefore, I guess you could consider me to be a lone wolf regardless of how many people may or may not commend my Steemit articles.

Nevertheless, as you probably can see after reading any of my articles, my frontier is not a nearsighted one but rather the entire universe. I looked at the "Informationwar" community here on Steemit, and it initially appeared that their community would be right up my alley. I did read some very interesting articles from their members. However, the kind of articles I post on Steemit are not ones that are of mainstream controversy but rather ones that may spark a massive debate. It is never my intention to anger or upset anyone whenever I post something here on Steemit, but I have this bad habit of being brutally honest about topics rather than providing only what people want to see.

I'd like to give a shout-out to Steemians who have helped me in my journey in getting the word out there through my writings. Those Steemians are freebornangel, freebornsociety, and naglfar94. All three of them have helped to make my journey here on Steemit pleasant in one way or another and have encouraged me to continue producing content here on Steemit.

I'm not completely educated on how to join a community here on Steemit and what the prerequisites are in doing so. I've considered posting on Steempeak before I get adventurous about my future activities here on Steemit. I guess that I should not beat myself up, because I have avoided the unwanted fate of becoming another one of those Steemians who have posted nothing in over 2 or 3 years. Actually, I almost did become one of them, but it was because I was unable to post anything throughout an entire summer a year ago inasmuch as Steemit was experiencing technical issues across the board.

I've been a Steemian for over three years, and I am open to suggestions on what I can do to get my Steemit articles more out there for the entire platform to read. If anyone has any advice about joining a community here on Steemit, I would greatly appreciate reading what they have to say about it.

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