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RE: Busy and Bewildered

in #steemit4 years ago

Winston! You made it back!

Yeah, things are all crazy and hazy right now for Steemit Inc., and maybe even for the steem chain itself. Great time to catch all the action, we're right in the middle of it now.

How's life? It's great to see another "ol' regular" around! Sounds like you're staying plenty active out in the world. I'll definitely keep an eye out for your next post. If you get a couple minutes, check out OnChainArt Community. You will surely see something your eyes enjoy. :-)


Nice to see you too! How's the woman with the best smile on Steemit?

Yeah, life's been going just fine here, thanks. Although there's a bit too much excitement lately; I much prefer being bored as it gives me the motivation to make my own fun (or take a nap). But we'll get back to it eventually!

Always the charmer, you are :) Great to see a familiar, even if our time left here on the blockchain may (or may not) be limited.

The slow times will come back around, whenever the pendulum swings the other direction. At least that's how it usually goes, right? Hopefully you're still collecting photos and archiving your 'making your own fun' activities. Your work (plural your) is always a welcome sight, here and abroad. Stay classy!

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