The Dorothy Counts Historical Story - A Call to End Racism and Gender Discrimination 👫🌍

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This is Dorothy Counts. The first black woman to attend an all-white private school. Can you clearly see what her classmates are doing? They're laughing and mocking her, making jokes and fun of her.
I can only begin to imagine what was going through her mind. I'm sure they're making some racist remarks too. But she's a strong lady, I'm sure she's not even responding to them.

I know what's going through your mind

And then, this is her in 1967. She became the first woman to complete the Boston Marathon, breaking the Boston Marathon gender barrier.

But then, did you see it? Check the picture again. Goddammit!! the race organizers are trying to stop her.

Although I'm happy that things have changed from the way it used to be then. The issue of racism and gender discrimination is now reduced to the bearest minimum.
Although we still have cases of it from time to time. Yeah, it's always in the news.

I'll like to use this opportunity to say:

End Racism and Gender Discrimination

Hopefully, my powerful message will received loud and clear.

Happy Steeming

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Racism is a derogatory to those affected, it could cause long time depression too. The fact that we are not being recognized and treated like a human is sickening, i have never been in that situation before but am sure its not a nice experience. Ethnicity and nepotism are rampant in this side of the world too, and its a bad as racism too.

Yeah, you're absolutely right. I just pray things change for the better. I pray for a better humanity.

Thank for stopping by.

Happy Steeming

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