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RE: I Am Telling You For A Fact, "There Will Never Be Another 'Steemit'". Any Doubts? Read This Post!

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Hi Terry, this is so nice and shows that you're doing great things and creating impacts.

I don't have much to say right now. Infact, I do have a question to ask:

When are you coming to Nigeria?
When are we seeing you on our whatsapp groups again cus people have been asking about you?

You can stop by and say hi.

Happy Steeming


Lol, I obviously can't wait for him to come to Nigeria....
I just pray we don't kidnap him when he comes 😂😂😂

I will give him holy spirit to cover him.

He is a good man and good people deserve good things.

Hahaha true lies.

Yes, i will soon be back on there. I didnt have a fone all along but i woke up and old fone days ago, so real soon and naija soon too. The invitations are growing in persistence and i have loads of people there. Please help me share this as a far and wide on the groups, based on the headline is a general inspiration based on events on steemit. It was always steem first regardless

Can't wait to host our cherished and number one steemian in Nigeria. It will really be a privilege having you in our midst.

I'm glad you enjoyed enjoyed your trip to Cebu.

Hahaha true lies.

We wish you success.

We can't wait, I hope we have a location that will accommodate everyone

Naija go happy to see you baba.

Naija no dey carry last na.

We full steemit.

Na only us waka come even say our presido say our youth dey lazy and uneducated.
We still dey.carry first.

We can't wait to see you mr Ajayi