Opening the First Ghanaian Steem/SBD Exchange utilizing Text Messaging for non smartphones via MTN Mobile Money, Ghana's Primary Banking System

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Ghana experienced a revolutionary change when MTN Ghana introduced the digital money system which utilizes the text messaging system which allows a registered user to send and receive money via their phones.
So we are working tirelessly to merge the MTN digital system with the steemit blockchain. As at now we are already manually exchanging the sbd and steem to fiat .

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MTN Ghana has also implements the cardless system where you can withdraw money from any ecobank ATM with your mobile phone. So those who want ready cash in hand could go to any ecobank ATM and withdraw from there.
So now we are just going to automate this system and acquire the API so that we can run a simple yet smooth system.
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After all this , steemians will only need to send their sbd to the exchanger site and have their money sent directly to them.
We gladly welcome the help of @azkza, @stellabelle, @reko, @justinashby, @yehey, @bleepcoin, @picokernel, @teamsteem, @sircork, @battleaxe, @creativesoul, @neoxian, @sweetsssj, @elgeko, @guiltyparties, @poeticsnake I know this development will reach higher heights.
Please comment so we can know your thought on how to better the system.
Thanks for your time .its @enockagbo1

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SO NICE but I just have to ask you change the title so people know this is about an Exchange that uses an existing Digitl FIAT system via Text Message
change title to something like ""Opening the First Ghanian Steem/SBD Exchange utilizing Text Messaging for non smartphones via MTN Mobile Money, Ghana's Primary Banking System"

see that describes SO much more!

YOU MUST change the Title of your post tho and I will then resteem it!

I already showed @stellavbelle and @surfyogi tho because it is too important to wait but PLEASE change the title and never again use all cps OK? :D I know its tempting to stand out but trust me people don't like it :D

i gotta teach you guy show to write titles!

Act like the person reading it has NEVR even your posts before and has no idea what MTN is ... In fact you have to assume that the reader doesn't even know what Ghana is! So bestto say Ghana, Africa so people know this is about Steem in Africa, a topic dear to many people's hearts including the creators @dan and the CEO @ned who had a stated Goal of Steem (one of many) which wa to have Steem become the Bank for th Un Bankable Billions of this planet... And here we are MANIFESTING this dream

We MUST remind EVERYONE that you guys ALREADY manually exchange steem/SBD for fiat and you just need to automate t with the MTN API and then use a simple bot from @inertia like @banjo or even @curiosity from @gyzimo to automate the receiving of the steem/SBD with maybe even the phone number in the memo, OR just a code or use STEEMCONNECT to avoid havig to put the number in thememo nd a custom website with an ordr form!

OH MAN you guys already have the order for website up, I saw that NICE just ave to autmate this and we will make MILLIONS of dollars in fees!

See Africans are innovting while American Government is arresingits wn citizens in Loclbitcoin sting operations for selling 9 Bitcoins,

so fuck it we will all move to Africa if Africa wants to grow and be business friendly, we will take our business out of usa until trump gives us legislative protection via executive order.. It must happen to protect crypto which is humanity's ONLY hope for survival


I am an American and I support innovation that helps individuals gain freedom no matter where in the world. I support this project.


You can link up to work something out


I would like to. What is the best way to get in touch? Email?


I am not. Just talking to you and my invisible best friend.

25 Million Ghanian Mobile Phones with Text Messaging and can use MTN, out of nearly 30 million total Ghanians, so this is a HUGE project

update system ...

I liked this article !!! this shows how third world countries like Ghana is leading the way in digital financial systems :)


Thanks man we need the support

This is going to be great. I think thid will even introduce more Ghanaians to the steemit community and many people will get to know about crytos. As many Ghanaians think the only crypto is Bitcoin. This system will erase that from their mind.


We need to change that

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!


Thanks man

Now-a-days mobile money is most popular money transfer system....Very nice digital mobile money.....


Yea we are doing our best to get steemit to everyone in ghana

This is so wonderful. Cryptocurrency right now is mostly in the hands of people that already have a lot of money, so to be able to get access to regular people while still in its early stages is amazing!

This is very interesting - and what we thought are "third-world" countries or China as "less developed" countries are actually leading in innovation - we have been lied to and kept in the dark by the government and MSM.


yes, innovation is not only for the developed worlds


Thanks - I am talking about the labels on countries - they are misleading.

So Imma try ma first transaction with ya. Expect me


sure thing chairman

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Good information..
I liked this article.....