Steemit New Users Bounce Up, and Active users on target to break last month by 20K

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Look at the bounce today! So exactly what I was hoping to see the new user additions bounced up by 200 from yesterday. This is healthy sign that momentum is building once again. You may also notice that the blue portion of the bar is getting larger day over day as new users become active you can check previous days at my post listed at the end of this post.

Active users increasing by about 2000 everyday is indicating that by the end of month active users should outpace last month by over 20,000, this gain would be the best since may saw that number rise by 40,000. Keep on steeming!

steemitstats11-14-2017 active users

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These statistics put together by arcange

and taken from his post HERE

Previous post:

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That waiting time is a killer though. My friend tried to register last Tuesday and still hasn't received a login. Thats going to turn off a lot of potential users when people expect everything instantly. If we expect to gain mass adaption then this is a serious issue.

mmmm still waiting time?


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