Coming to America! Looking for Steemit Meetups

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October/November U.S. Road Trip Planned

Hello everyone in Steemit land! My wife and I are planning to spend 4 weeks traveling the U.S. in October and November of this year. We are hoping to meet up with other Steemians during our journey. While I have traveled extensively in the U.S. (41 States), my Russian wife has only been to about a dozen. We want to change that while meeting family and friends along the way.

Therefore, I am looking to find some Steemit groups that meet up fairly regularly and coordinate my trip so that we might join and share a beer with some of you folks in RL (apparently this means real life or so my daughter says). If you have a group or know of people in other groups, please send me in their direction or direct them to my post. I will be eternally grateful (and will probably throw you some upvote love). Also, if you are one of my regular followers here, we don't need a Meet Up to get together and have a beer. Just shoot me a message and we will try to work it into the travel plan.


The General Plan and Route

We will be flying into D.C. and heading up to Hershey, PA to visit family there and also in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Afterwards, we will be driving West on I-80 towards Kalamazoo, MI, which will take us through Ohio, Indiana, and Eastern Michigan. We will be stopping for a day or two to meet with family I have in KZoo and other places.

Next, we will be off for Chicago and then Waukesha, WI for a couple days. Then onto the the Twin Cities briefly and down to Iowa for a couple days. From there we will visit friends and family in St. Louis and the Kansas City area.


So far, so good. We will then pick up I 44 in Joplin, MO and head West with a stop in Flagstaff and Vegas before arriving in San Diego for a couple days. We will also be in the LA area for a few days before heading to the Bay Area and then back East through Tahoe, Salt Lake City and Denver.

After Denver, we will make another short stop in KC before driving back to PA along I-70 so we will be going through the same states except that we will go through West Virginia on the return trip. There is a possibility of stopping for a day in Cincy and crossing the river into Kentucky as well.

Here is a map of our tentative route:

Vacation travel route.png

If you are anywhere close to any of these routes and want to meet up for a drink or bite, please let me know. We are excited to be taking this adventurous trip and hope to see and make many friends along the way.

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grandiose plans and elegant travel. I've never been to America, but I hope to see New York. I wish you a great trip and the best experiences.

Roadtrip! In the USA! Awesome! I am so jealous @energyaddict22!

Love it that you are looking up some Steemians. Hope you will have a great time in RL...

One day we will make way down South to visit you all. Perhaps next year.

Sound like fun @energyaddict22

  • Keep us posted what you have going on in KC. We will try to make the trip if you get a meetup scheduled.

I surely well. ;)

Thealliance group has meet ups very often. They are a pretty nice size group that I belong to and are very involved. You aren’t close enough to me to meet up. Hershey PA is a four hour drive for me. I’m in northern NJ. Enjoy your trip, hope you get to meet up with Steemit friends.👍

Thanks for letting me know about them. I use to spend a week every year in Stone Harbor when I was a young adult. I love the Garden State, but mostly parts not near the shore.

Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. All the best to you.

Wow, what an adventure you have planned! I’m sure there’ll be many Steemians wanting to meet you and your wife. Your planned route looks exciting and well thought out, I can’t say that I’ve been to any of those cities myself. I’ve always wanted to hire a car and drive the Route 66 whilst listening to the song (hehe!) perhaps some day I will with or without the kids. And thanks for educating me about RL 😂 - good to know!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I strongly suggest without kids after making these trips way too many times with them. Luckily, mine are grown now - my daughter is still at university. Which version of Route 66 would you listen to? Just curious.

I imagine that I’d create an “on the road” playlist featuring several different versions of the song (including the Disney Cars one!), but starting with the Chuck Berry version first :)

Oh sounds great, and all the best and enjoy your trip with your family, friends and Steemit friends, and share your experiences with us who are not able to meet you directly, and i hope and wish that this trip and meetups will be really enjoyable and productive for you and for your family. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thanks bud! We hope it will be a fun trip.

Welcome and enjoy. 🙂

Sign me up for the Twin Cities bit.

I'm putting you down now for beers - hopefully we can add some more folks. It is one of those places I've only been to a couple times so I couldn't find my ass there with both hands. We will need some suggestions. We'll be too late to catch a Twins game and my wife wants to see Mall of America, of course.

MoA meetup would work great for me, it's basically my local mall. Which is a little weird.

How cool is that!! Road Trip!!

I know of a few really awesome steemians along
your route!

I'm playing steemian meetup maker here :-)) Tahoe &
all 4 and more have meetups in southern California

Am dropping names on each others posts.

Sure wish we were along this route!!
Have a great trip 💕

That's awesome! Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.

Thank you @shasta! Hi @energyaddict22! I live in Truckee, CA about 20 minutes from Lake Tahoe and would love to meet up for a drink or hike if our schedules work out. Keep me posted about your Tahoe plans if you want to: [email protected] Have a great trip, cheers!

Hello @scottshots! What an amazing coincidence. My mentor and a very old friend, Doug Zirbell is from Truckee. We used to spend a week every year right after Christmas in Truckee/Tahoe. We will definitely be making a stop in Tahoe, so I will get in touch. Thanks for reaching out.

Wait... Is that Greg Zirbell's brother??? Greg is a friend of mine and I think they may be related, hahaha! If so, small world... Yes, definitely keep in touch. Cheers!

Yes, I'm pretty sure that is his brother (or some other relative). How many Zirbell families can there be in Truckee, right? I will give you details on dates.

Haha! You're probably right, I don't think I know any other Zirbells.

A Great American Road Trip!! How fun!!

The acronym I've seen is actually "IRL" to include the "in" part, but I'm sure either version is "correct"😆

If you end up deciding to drive I-64 through southern WV, I can meet up! though I certainly understand if you don't since it doesn't look as convenient for you to get to your end goal. Wheeling is a possibility since we have family there so we might be able to coordinate it with going to see them too...that's just dependent on what's going on around here at the time.

I can't wait until the kids are a few years older so I can take them on a cross country road trip :)

You know, I have always wanted to drive those "country roads" in WV. I blame John Denver. Perhaps we will have to do a day in the state.

How civilized do you want the country roads to be? :)))

How awesome. I am unsure of my schedule as I will be looking for work in New England soon due to my upcoming move back there. If the schedules coincide, would love to meet up.

Moving. Wow! Where to?

Hah, hadn't thought about this part. I don't want to say here on the blockchain, but will give you an email address if that's ok when the time comes close for your visit. I can give you the details in email. I am switching over my emails to a more secure one and will figure out which of the ones I am currently using to keep for stuff like this.

Well Jerry, IRL would be more correct than in RL :)
The way you typed it seems like.. I don't know, Oh MG or What TF.. You get the idea =)
BTW why San Francisco is not there?

The Bay Area is San Francisco. ;)

There is nothing like a road trip!! Brian and I have made a similar one, but extended as low as New Orleans and Mississippi. I have such fond memories from that trip, as I'm sure you guys will too. I hope you find some steemit meetups going on; what fun to actually meet some of those who you speak to on a regular basis!

I hope it will be as fun as we would like. It will be great to see a lot of friends and relatives that I haven't visited in ages and also introduce my wife to them.

And if nothing else, it's great to be able to show your wife around there too! Has she been before?

She has been to several states on a few occasions, but nothing like we are planning.

And together it will be so exciting ;)

That's a pretty good idea and i bet it would be so much fun; speaking of myself, I've never had the chance to travel out 😂😂
Best of wishes on your journey and please don't forget to extend my warm regards to family and friends..... Have a good time

Thanks. I'm sure we will have a great time. Of course, it is still some months away. We need to make it through the tourist season here in Russia. Afterwards, we will do Octoberfest in Spain for a week and then off to America.

That will take a lot of effort; wishing you all the best.

Hey @energyadict22, I found this post thanks to @shasta. It looks like it will be a fantastic trip! I've driven that route from St. Louis before.

I am part of the @SoCalSteemit community. We could organize our monthly meetup around your trip. Let us know. Our discord server is here:

I'm also part of the Japanese @steemit-jp community if you ever make it over there!

Fantastic! Thanks for reaching out. I had met a few people from the SoCal area on here so this would work awesome. I grew up in San Diego, but also lived in Riverside/San Bernadino for several years long ago. I will join the Discord and reach out. Nice meeting you and thanks again @shasta. :)

Get your kicks on Route 66.@bon-nom

welcome... i live in WI, let me know if you find any meets in the area (-:

Fantastic! I will certainly do that. Check back every once in a while and I'll be sharing my meet up itinerary as it progresses.

Great plan sir i agree with you of luck all the best 👌👌 @energyaddict22

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Sounds like a great trip! I would love to show you some #socalsteemit hospitality!

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What fun, planning a great road trip, almost like entering another phase in life, without young children.

Never having visited the America's I wish you a safe and wonderful journey. Half the fun is in the planning, the next is up to you when you get behind the wheel.

yess, san diego and LA!!! @socalsteemit :D

Recorrido mítico y soñado. Un gran viaje para amantes de experiencias únicas @xintoe

100% Upvote!
Greetings Kryptonia @vote-transfer

Excellent your plan to conquer USA with Steemit,

How did I miss this...Well if I caught you...Im in Grand Junction, CO so if you're driving between SLC and Denver you have to come through :)