EXCLUSIVE LIMITED OFFER August 2018 - Become A Early Founding Member - Online Traffic Automation - Income for Life!!

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Instructions to be a Founder : https://Downline4life.com/founders

Dear Steemians,
The two biggest problems making money today are:

  1. Product sales
    You can have a fantastic product but convincing others to buy is
    very hard and tiresome.
  2. Duplication
    Most people find recruiting very hard and eventually give up.


But don't give up your financial freedom!
Here is a Brand New SOLUTION!! Launching Soon!
....Top marketing automation done for you
....Real time guaranteed visitors and sign ups done for you
....Breakthrough products to automate your financial freedom
....No recruiting (unless you want to)


Solution to the 2 problems:

  1. Product
    We have something every network marketer will need. A BIG value
    marketing system with powerful tools and...
  2. Duplication
    Guaranteed visitors and sign ups done for you.

Now, the business solution launching soon!!

....Top marketing automation done for you
....Real time guaranteed visitors and sign ups done for you
....Breakthrough products to automate your financial freedom
....No recruiting (unless you want to)
....Personal infinite Uni-level Matrix
....Company wide 3x15 Forced Matrix
....New Global Market Wide Matrix


In the pre-launch there are Founder positions available.

To Watch the Videos Click here: https://Downline4life.com/founders

Let me know if you want instructions to sign up a Founder position.

Now let's see how all this works:

....Top marketing automation done for you

With never-seen technology it will be possible to run any business
on autopilot. And this solution itself can be an attractive business for
any marketer because everyone needs this and been looking for
something like this.

....Real time guaranteed visitors and sign ups done for you

With a massive database of prospects there is an unlimited number
of potential sign ups. With the company wide forced matrix there will
be a huge number of spillover, not only for the first who join.


....Breakthrough products to automate your financial freedom

With automation everyone will succeed because this is so intelligent
created. You will be amazed when you learn more about how it
works in detail.

....No recruiting (unless you want to)

You don't need to refer anyone to make success. This is something
a lot of people appreciate!

....Personal infinite Uni-level Matrix

This is "Holding Tank" for all of your FREE, pre-enrolled members.

....Company wide 3x10 Forced Matrix

This is where spillover and earnings being made. Pre-enrolled
members will be temporarily added to the 3x10 matrix, during their
trial period and be given the chance to receive spillover and
accumulate commissions, DURING their trial period... absolutely
genius.. Very exciting.

....New Global Market Wide Matrix

This is where they have found a way to combine any business into
ONE global matrix. (This is more genius than you think. More info

What does it cost?

There are different packages / memberships.
$25 | $125 | $250 | $500
These are monthly but only one-time out of pocket. All
memberships include a full line of marketing products but different
volume of guaranteed traffic and sign ups.
Each package give you huge potential residual income:

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 7.48.55 AM.png

What's the name of the company?

This is not disclosed yet. We are in a super early stage, where only
Founder positions are available. For example website, backoffice
etc. are not yet available.

How to become a founder member?

Let me know and I will give you instructions. It's by private invitation
only and only for a limited period of time with special discount.

To Watch the Videos Click here: https://Downline4life.com/founders

Founder members will be manually placed in the matrix first and
before the official launch.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 7.49.16 AM.png
Exclusive Founder only webinars

Contact me for sign up instructions now!

Click Here to Watch First Ever Public Webinar: https://downline4life.com/founders2/


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