positive impact steemit to indonesia.

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Steemit is a social media platform blokchain are in pitch by the very genius @dan (daniel Larimer) and Scott @net in the year 2016 a bygone common users already know that, stats helper monkeys now @dan is no longer on steemit but we have to admit that thanks to her hard work @dan on this platform could be launched,
Most likely in the next few months, we will also find a new platform developed by @dan/daniel Larimer which are in named with EOS. We wait for when launching it on the platform, which would announce its new it-based also blockchain

But that's not the main discussion at my post this time it's just as opening notification, we now focus on the titles above,
Memfaat from steemit have been many feel the community of Indonesia and especially because most users in Indonesia are Aceh steemit. You can see the proof of it or you can open the tag that is already available and you can see how many people have used the tag,

The benefits of the presence of very large steemit for Indonesia, i.e. reduce the burden for the unemployed in Indonesia, this is a country that Indeed indonesiaspacious but very narrow field of work. Why did it happen? I know therefore lacking many of their joined in this steemit community and make this steemit as a place to work.
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Expression point of view this is indeed a good thing because they join in this platform. While from the other side very many shortcomings, I once read an article about Indonesia in the article stated that Indonesia was the most users commit plagiarism or copy paste and I am very justifying what has written in the article
Why it happened ...?

According to what I know and I justify it because of the many users who come from Indonesia, is not the person they were clever in composing, writing and so on, many of them who don't know what plagiarism or other errors so they are recurring reload do therefore a lot of user Indonesia taken them doing that, I selfAlthough is a bit embarrassed to admit it frankly I know the term plagiarism, scam etc. when first @cheetah and @steemcleans Commenting on the in my post that because I figure out why they came to my post and so do others they make mistakes repeatedly re-not because they didn't realize the top kesalahn they will but they don't know and don't understand, how is that in the klaimkan it is plagiarism
Why do they not see any comment from @cheetah or @steemcleaner has been in tell that it is plagiarism,

Yeah I am sure not they hadn't seen it but they don't know how exactly it's plagiarism and many of the user steemit of indonesia and other countries, in particular, do not speak English so I guess it's reasonable they do it repeatedly Re, I discussed my own Indonesian because Indonesia is included in the user Err

If there is someone who is very kind, willing to help with this community is willing, I think they will be very happy because during the steemit age almost two years of this, I think many who do not understand how to make a positive thing in steemit and there is no consistent teach them about this use of steemit Indonesia very sure there must have been many who have really understood the steemit far verry good. Iiya that is certainly true, but the more he is among those who've been senior is no longer willing to respond let alone the junior is still new, so it many new members who commit repeated reload their culpability never a problem plagiarism they don't understand there is even a among those who do not know the name of the founder of this steemit platform and most do plagiarism are those new people who joined early on in which they do not understand anything they know just make posting and get paid in steemit

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