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Steemit is now barely useable, I tried to post my daily Report a couple of times without any luck, I even can't upvote my Commenters anymore, so sorry but this is just a pice of Crap at the moment...... I am out until this gets fixed!



I hope they will fix it very fast 😩

We are waiting for your updates :-)

It is fixed. I posted 10 posts without problem, delay or deletion.

Consider posting and working the steemit blockchain via busy.org

It is Very slow, but it may be because a lot of people are using it which is good

You're right man upvoting and adding the post is a pain in the ass! Please fix it!

very sad ,, you try it again @elyaque

I've had trouble making comments!

It is really sad

yes, everyone faces this problem like you, but we have to stay, calm.

I understand you. It is really sad.

It is really sad.

I understood your condition. So sad and see you again @elyaque.
Huge thanks for give upvoting us.

use busy.org!!!!

Time to come back!

Try it now. Running nicer!

I have him on Facebook and private messaged him a week ago. He still hasn't seen the message.
Hopefully it's just Venezuelan internet and he's okay.

It could be that he's staying away because of the new logo 😂😂😂😵

Your not wrong it’s bloody awful at the moment come to think about it it’s been poor for awhile now. Cheers mike

You're right man upvoting and adding the post is a pain in the ass! Please fix it!

Yea! Steemit.com sucks! But we can use other steem blockchain service like busy.org

i am with your word and appreciated.

and i was thinking my pc broke down
but now its god agan

They are changing the layout is normal that there is some little problems

I currently use https://stage.steemiz.io

I hope they fix this issue soon...

I understood your condition. So sad and see you again @elyaque.
Huge thanks for give upvoting us.

Have you tried busy.org?

use nd.busy.org so fast

If You use Busy beta, please report issues in Discord here.

thank you i'm already in gethub.

i think it's solved today, steemit work good now!!

It's solved now, you can use Busy.org to post from, it's kinda cool, it's kinda similar to Facebook :)

Steemit back on track, looking out for your new posts, greetings

It is going well now ,Try to be back with the updates buddy

Just be patient , everything will be great

true that it is barely usable now

Very sad
100% like and resteem

i will miss daily reports :(

I have to wonder is anyone doing anything to fix Steemit

verry sad...try again boss

yeah i can imagine your situation bro :( very tough too much overload

I understand you. It is really sad.

I understand you. It is really sad.

very true i am having problem too due to this

keep it up!!

Pleas go back! And try busy.org

Try steemitstage instead of steemit , it is working fine.

Feels like they are focussing on 1 thing at the time. They worked on the design and failed in development at the moment.

happening with everyone :(

yes at this time it is very difficult to do activities in steemit ... because there is always a mistake

So That's Why You've Been Powering Down Your Steem Lately. I Would Try Another Steem Explorer(Esteem Or Steemd...) Or Maybe Even Automate Everything And Take Advantage Of The API :)

but we all love your daily reports bro @elyaque :)

I feel your pain. I sometimes need to post my comment 5 times in a row to get it posted!

Hello sr. Elyaque but does not use busy.org is more quickly and good for comment and post

well said
there is a big issue and they need to fix it

I was feeling like this yesterday when i was trying more than a half hour to have my contest posted, but finally found a solution by using busy.org to upvote my commenters and make comments and votes to other posts without problem. I used it just now to make this comment and upvote. Hope this helps until steemit gets fixed.

I feel you pain... also posted on it. I do not know if they are trying to slick it down too much too quickly or it has something to do with the SMT development and future intergrational aspects. Alas growing pains... fight on @elyaque

<cynicmode>But they did communicate on Steemitblog!</cynicmode>

Anyway, I share your frustration. Maybe you could try on https://steemitstage.com, it seems to work a bit better.

we are going to miss you

Pleas go back! And try busy.org

Now its Ok its great :)

You can come back now. I think its working fine now.

Läuft wieder :-) auf jeden Fall deutlich besser :-)

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soo use busy, all you need to do is get a lucky break and get your key :D that's all you need from steemit and if you have the active key somewhere, just use that with steemconnect, afterwards you can use the posting key for whatever, you would have already given permission to the app

seeing as the steemit's improved now what do you think of the new logo :)

would be nice if you give it a try again. i really appreciate your daily reports !

nobody gives a fuck you dumbass useless twat

Now THATS Commitment! I don't know, isn't this whole idea an untried experiment? I LOVE it, yes it has warts and stinks sometimes but it seems cleaan in so many ways in a world of LIES.

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