The 200.000th user just signed up right now here on Steemit :)

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Wow look at this !!! Started in March 2016 and now we have 200.000 user accounts :) What will be next? 1 million by the end of the year ?


Huge milestone!

Yes, that's a great milestone. But consider the fact that several users have more than one account (I know someone who has 10 or more), so we are not yet 200,000 people on steemit. But I'm sure we will reach one million real existing users until the end of this year. Thanks for reporting this jubilee!

I know, thats why I wrote 200000 user accounts.... But I guess it is the same with Facebook, how many FB are fake or not used?

Welcome user #200.000

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in wiki page about Steemit. Thanks and good luck again!

Thats amazing, thank you so much!!!

Sound good is on Fire!

It is :) Thanks for the Re-steem!

Please no! Not 1 million before 2018 please. First they have a lot of work to do in the blockchain algorithms, the front-end and the user experience!

Agree with that :)

I've got a lot of articles on my blog with technical critique on the SteemIt algorithms, maybe you'll like them then.

We need all of them to become active users 😀

Activity is raising lately , thats good :)

Real good news 🙌🏼

Activity stats (blog posts per day etc.) have been soaring. Stats are massive.

Glad to follow you @elyaque :)

200,000 This is Awesome!

Steemits user base is growing by like 10% in a week!
Maybe 30% next week?

We will see, looks like the sign up problem will be solved at HF20, then the gates will be wide open :)

5 million by year end...

That sounds very optimistic, but hey who knows :)

If we compare with other social media, we are small. So there is a huge potential for growing.


Do you realize how many followers are in my target?

Ha, that's funny. When I asked how many users steemit had, when I joined about 6 weeks ago, someone say 350,000+!

I was online in the early morning hours and saw we were only a few hundred, knew this number was only a few hours away. Here we are 200k and counting, 300K will come even quicker!

300k will be like a walk in the park :)

Yes indeed sir! Keep up the good work. The daily stats is really a great format to grow fast. I remember when we were racing to get into the top 1k. Once we got there your turbo boosters kicked in. I'm around 800...aiming for that top 500.

Enjoy the daily info keep it coming! :-)

I think this is the tip of the iceberg. Like we are just getting started. I won't be surprised to see daily signups reach 10,000 real soon.

The more, the Steemier!

Guess you are right about that....

I thought it was a lot more than that, so it just shows it has more potential that I originally thought it did.
I'm just looking at which Lamborghini I should buy when my STEEM hits triple figures! 😍

hahaha, I hear you :)

wow congrats. great platform - especially the content and the people positivity!
@elyaque you should do some classes or tutorials on how to make such awesome graphics - Im like HOW YOU DID THAT? Im sure a lot of people would invest $ in learning such awesomeness.

hahaha thanks, guess its years of practice :)

Its insane to think how much room for growth there is. If we can keep up our growth rate of over 2,000 users a day we'll have quadrupled by next year!!!

That would be sweet :) And if the price keeps up with the followers.... :)

I can't see it not keeping up, which would mean roughly $10 Steem by next year 😳

Steemit!!! Setting milestones upon milestones

Let's see whats next :)

What will happen to the value of Steem if many signs up for it?

KKKAAAABBBOOOMMM! price will go UP what else :)

What about inflation? Hahaha. I just don't get the math. The value of Steem depends on what investors think it's worth. If there's a huge amount of users, will it rise due to demand or will it fall as more Steem is issued every day?

Inflation is fixed. This year it's 9.5% and falling...

Hi @elyaque
I'm happy to mention that a few hundred of the new comers came here because of my outreach efforts. I did facebook and blog posts, also a steemit post to introduce steemit to 100 Million Pakistani internet users. I'm glad to be here and add value (and people) to the community.

I'm new in the steemit community . I like it :)

Welcome :)

followed and upvoted...
follow me back at @gorahul

Followed & Upvoted
Follow back please and upvote one of my blogs thankyou ;)


followed :)

Very cool. Thanks for the update :-)

You are welcome :)

Great Score. I am just a couple of days in steemit but i still have not clear what exactly to do and what is best to do first.

Write about stuff you love, do you have some hobbies? Don't copy paste stuff, be unique!

Another milestone. I am glad I am in the first 200k users. I believe 10 days ago when I joined we were like 170k registered.

It grows fast :)

Wow that is a massive milestone. Today is 365 days since I joined Steemit

Cool, congrats :)

Wow. Great milestone. But i believe this number will not be even that amazing, like it is now, in few years.

you imagine a success like Facebook and we are all early adaptors.... :)

1 million on its way....AWESOME.

Quality Guaranteed 100%?

Don't get your question...

I like the fact that the Steemit community is growing rapidly. It surely will hit 1m by the end of the year. One thing needs to be considered. Will it be 1m quality content creators?

It is a free open platform, so there is no guarantee for that! But if you are not socially engaged or just write some copy and paste stuff, you never will get a higher Reputation! In other words, if you don't write some stuff the people are interested in you don't get any votes, simple as that...

1,000,000 next year should be doable. Let the snowball roll....

..maybe by the end of the year :)

WOW ....this means one...steem is soon 7.50$

or more :)

Soon yes ;))

Great news.. The more activity and good original content the better :))
Upvoted and you got a new follower as well.

My pleasure.

Unbelievable. A few weeks ago it were only 40.000.

The Steemit Virus is spreading fast :)

Steem users can still go up 10x easily.

No doubt about it....

Yes!Nice the plane will keep going

Well @Daniel.chiru, when are you going to post your first blog already? :-)

That will be a tremendous growth and increased market share

Steemit is still beta, imagine when it comes out of it.... plus marketing etc.... BOOM !!!

That is amazing! I'm so glad I was one of the first 200k 😊

How does steemit make so many money to pay the user for the post..?😎

Its the Steem Blockchain itself, generating more coins every year ( 9.5% inflation rate ), the new generated Steem are used to pay the users, simple as that :)

wow this it's amazing ( 9.5% inflation rate ) its a very god of the creator of steemit Ned Scott and Dan Larimer must be very smart men i think will be the next elon musk or steve jobs

Steem will change the world... I love this blockchain sosial media + blog.

It will, give back the rewards to the people and not to the big Companies !

Yowzer! Huge number and I'm so happy to be a part of it and this community! Congrats to whomever you are and welcome! ! million by the end of the year would be quite FANTASTIC! Looking forward to it!

Thats the spirit :) Welcome!

Let's not stop until things like facebook are erased from the face of the earth.

Sounds good :)

Our children will look back and frown upon these times when we tell them that in "our time" people didn't used to get paid for creating content. Until Steemit of course!

Things change, its all about giving back :)

Where do you find out how many users are signed up? I am interested in this stat because of the potential it has to exponentially grow.

You can follow my daily stats, this one for example is from today:

where you can see all the important numbers, or you visit for example there on the right side of the page you can see some stats....

So maybe there is hope for me getting a Tesla yet!! :-)
who else wants see how big this gets!..and see how it can make dreams come true!

I know you can buy a Tesla with Bitcoin, ask them if they accept Steem as well :)

maybe I should get on the list now...

199.999 I just unsubscribed...

If you unsubscribe, how it could be you can post here :)

I think a lot of people are catching on that this site is built on top of blockchain crytpocurrency. And even new blockchains dont have a fully functional social media setup yet. So congrats steemit! This might be better than bitcoin. What do you think?

At least it is the easiest way to get in contact with crypto for people they never heard about crypto....

I guess it's called get rich or die tryin... And I really mean it lol

Holy cow. This thing is moving fast!

It does :)

1 million before end of year !:)

Wouldn't that be nice :)

wonderful Steem's Growth and will grow more and more.

Awesome ! Congratulations and welcome to every new user :)

Oh wow. No doubt we will have a million users by the end of the year. :)

That person deserves a prize!!!

Finally 200K

Good :)

Hope no bots ;)

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