Steem Dollar at 11 U$ ?

in #steemit4 years ago

Just went on Bittrex to see that SBD is at 11$ !

Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-09 um 10.37.42.png

The strange part is that on other Exchangers it is way lower:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-09 um 10.39.39.png

So does that mean if you win 10$ for an article for example you really get 110$ ?

If so, guess I am start to write again :)

Does anyone try to get the SBD on other Exchangers for less and do some Arbitrage?


This difference is because people are not able to withdraw or deposit STEEM or SBD from other exchanges. And Good to see you after so many days.

You got a 5.51% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @fproductions!

I HOPE you start writing again!!! I have missed your daily posts :D Wooohooo It's good news for Steemit when you come back to post LOL.

Good price for SBD i want to know what's behind that price

I noticed the same thing. It's really crazy. I can't figure out why it's so high

I tried to purchase SBD at poloniex, since 3 days they did not transfer it to my account.

I figured it out. It’s like ebtc which derives its value from limited supply and the hashing power of ethereum. This is the same except it derives value from usefulness of steem plus limited supply.

It has added a huge boost to payouts that is for sure. :)

Thanks for share buddy

its good post thanks brother

Thanks for the great information @elyaque

I'm very happy about it, I want it so it was always :)

great analysis of steemit,very good job
thanks for updates news sharing

Just starting out here with this one, but I like what I'm seeing! To the moon, please :)

Nope but got friends who have😎😎

I've noticed it too since I use both bittrex and cmc, it's weird I don't really know why, but its time to go back to writing as you said lol. The weirdest thing in my opinion is that the SBD as the name says it, is backed dollar, so it's supposed to be around $1 dollar, I was waiting for this to happen but with steem, not with SBD.

well come back in steemit after a long break, actually whats going there!

How much about Steem.

thanks for sharing this news

thanks for awesome news cheers.

a yeah !!!

you are back
thats great

Steem on, good luck

Nice updating. SBD correction and dipping currently.

nice information of sbd.
For your post propagation.

Yup....SBD price high amount in Bittrex. We can earn multiple times.

happy that you are back
i really missed your daily report

SBD made madness all peoples. Thanks for update.

strange pricing and volumes on different exchanges

is this insane or i am insane what :D

What the ......prices omg

only bittrex making it possible

greet news

Ya really it's rate of sbd is grow..

cryptocurrency is the future.

The future is already here , it's just that they are not distributed around enough yet.

yah it works steem is fast enough for some Arbitrage to be done!!
thanks for coming back to steemit i liked your blog allot in the past every day info on steem!!!

Ja, das ist so! Poloniex geht mal wieder nicht. Ich habe deine Beiträge vermisst. Schön, dass du wieder da bist!

I thought I lost you ..

Hey you're back hehe

Great to see you back @elyaque after a very very long time and yeah sbd was not only at $11 it was at $14 yesterday !!!

cool time to exchange sbd !!

this is cool if this stays forever

it has dropped a lot now

so much differences in price

seems like you missed the fun bro

Best pump ever for steemian bloggers :P

Amazing post really nice.....I like it.thx for share😍

Thanks for info but...

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