DAILY STEEM REPORT OCTOBER, 24TH ★ STEEM 1.02$ + 618 New Accounts

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BTC GOLD Hardfork is done, ALTS are finally UP!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-24 um 06.15.06.png
Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-24 um 06.16.09.png
Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-24 um 06.16.48.png


Thank you for the Information 👍

Good to see steem is finally moving the chain.
I do not see BTC Gold anywhere. Any ideas?
Keep on steemit.

Thanks for sharing.

Even keel lately. Time for accumulation of the steeeeeeeeem!

thanks for sharing daily technical analysis of steem price

Soo much green today! :)

Yeah! Greenish today :)

Steem price back above $1 good.

Thanks for this report :)

@elyaque would you kindly generate a chart of user growth & active authors compared from 2016-present? I would be very happy to see this. 400k accounts is more than I expected, it was half not long ago and only 100k a year ago! I suggest Steem should be around $36 based on previous Steem prices. At $249 million, Steemit is still small. Cheaper than a Boeing 747!! So much opportunity. Steemit is still just an infant.

steem is little low but good progress in term of accounts.

Steem time now. Thanks for the report.

steem is going up again
that's great

thanks for sharing todays steem report, now it rise up.

Excelente alza de precios, se estabiliza el mercado. :)

great update

Great information of Steem.
Upvote Resteem

thanks for staying us updated about steem price.

Steem go up

Thanks for the info. Very usefull

Yeah Steem over a $1 again sweet. Please keep rising.

Yes, alts are finally up!
Thanks for sharing!

great job!!

better price

alt's picking up pace :D

Thank you for the Information 👍

thx for the daily report, its great to see steem price get up again, greetings

Thanks for sharing information .

Thanks for the valueable info

Great chart for steem...
Upvote Resteem

Great work and great graphic chart of steem.
100% like and resteem

Great work for updating DAILY STEEM REPORT OCTOBER, 24TH.
Thank you..

Thanks for the update of steemit report and coin market news.

Glad to see that steem value increased. Thank you @elyaque

Wow... steem price grow up 1.02$, 618 new accounts added.
Thanks for sharing daily steem report @elyaque.

Finally. My poor alts have suffered a lot. Still some room for recovery..

greet work.keep it up

where are the stats for page views and visitors from, analytics or some other app, I'm wondering since it's a rough estimation and didn't change :D

yeah no response thanks ..

Good update to steem
For your post propagation.

thanks for sharing analysis

That does sounds great and as for Steemit price it is quite good as well :)

Interesting post..

its going back down now

that much green wow

steem looking good too

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