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Only 790 new Accounts,hmmmm..... ok think positive, its just Monday... 😜

This is a reflection of how Steem, steemit, etc.. are operating.
It is like a cash cow.
Let see after the hardfork from bitcoin gold how the market reacts.

The numbers look okay but if they don't get the act together here many will be walking away from this.


Steem staying low, even lower than SBD. Great time to invest!

As always thanks for an update :)

Steem price should go up soon. Cheers :)

thanks for sharing daily technical analysis of steem price.

steem is little low but good progress in term of accounts

nice time to buy steem :)

steem prices are going lower each day thank7

thanks a lot for staying us updated about steem price.

just bought some steem at the right time :D

2 days left before steem gets back up

Great information, thank you :-)

was comparing with earlier posts and this is not looking nice the prices are continuously falling

gracias por el reporte diario, veo que el steem se esta estabilizando poco a poco. :)


Wow steem price is really coming down. What is happening?


STEEM is dying since there is no growth here. And with over 3000 automated bots destroying the infrastructure there is no retention.

reward pool down too


It seems like here amongst the steemians the obvious issues aren't being looked into by the people or parties to fix the problems.

Thanks for given information.

thanks for sharing todays btc forecast.

Thanks for the update of steemit report.

gracias por el reporte diario, veo que el steem se esta estabilizando poco a poco. :)

Great work and great graphic chart of steem.
100% like and resteem

Great work and great graphic chart of steem.
100% like and resteem

Great information of Steem.
Upvote Resteem

thanks for info

great is time of for steem

steem prices are going lower each day

Great chart for steem...
Upvote Resteem

damm how much longer it will remain low :(

790 new accounts today & steem 0.91$ price. Great update

Is it a slingshot up or a bunge jump down?? Either way we're going for a ride LOL

Thank you for give Daily steem Report.

Thanks for giving technical analysis Daily steem report @elyaque

Okay, the price is starting to worry me a little now, but it's a long way off lows we saw earlier this year. The Bitcoin fork happens in a couple of days and then people may rush to spend their profits on the alts.

The Steemit site is still playing up and new users are bound to get frustrated when posts don't get saved. I hope the team are dedicating their efforts to fixing that. I'm using in the meantime as it's more stable.


Don't count on developers helping at all. There's no incentive here. Chainbb is the fastest for posting and retrieving rewards.


The Steemit site does around 90% of the traffic, so those developers won't earn many votes if the site isn't working and the Steem price will fall. I'd say there's an incentive


Have you seen he value of STEEM take dip today?


Currently at 0.98. Not too bad really. The markets are still settling after the bitcoin excitement. I can still make a few dollars each week and that's okay

Gracias por el reporte diario.

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