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Great number of new accounts!

This Number of new Account looks very good, much better than the last days 👍

0.92 + 2688 = rocketshippppppppppppppppppp!


Ugh, Steem is doing fucking terrible, but hopefully it isn't because the platform has been complete shit lately, with all its bugs, loading, and down service issues, hopefully, it's just because King Bit is mooning right meow!

Steem going even lower. Dayum!

Steem going even lower. Dayum!

A lot of new accounts! Very low price of steem make great opportunity to power up own account.

Cheap price, i think is time to buy steem. Regards

It's Been A Long Time Since We've Seen Steem Under $1 :(

Was able to buy 100 steem today when the price was $0.9

Thanks for the update

Great, number of people are increasing

thank you very much for sharing daily technical analysis of steem price.

This steem price is depressing... that means its time to go up!

This steem price is depressing... that means its time to go up!

the price seems to be an issue now going lower and lower day by day

steem graph doesn't looks good

accounts looks good today :)

we are growing again :)

Wao woo. 400k users 😍 steemit rocks world shocks 😂

Everything is good. Thank you.

Thanks for the information

thanks for sharing daily steem report and analytical presentation.

this is the best time to buy

steem is little low but wow great progress in term of accounts.

Nice one like it!!

thanks for sharing daily steem report and analytical presentation.

oh , lot of users!!

Great, number of people are increasing

I hope price will go only up from now. Cheers :)

steem just boom all the way down

Good think. Follow me.

Many new accounts. I'm wondering how this possible. Steem was down for hours...


thanks for sharing

Great update with system analysis graph. Thank you..

BTC price low 0.92$. 2688 new accounts. Thank you for update

Thanks a lot for sharing Daily Steem Report @elyaque

upss. 0.92$

thanks @elyaque for staying us updated about steem price

Thanks for the update of steemit report.

good post like it!!

Great chart for steem...
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more red than green today, greetings

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It's just a glitch. Stick around for the long term

Don't panic!

thanks for sharing like it!

everyone is powering up now

gracias por el reporte. :)

reward pool is decreasing