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1000 new accounts is much better than the last days 👍

It is always delighted to know more steemians are coming on board.
Keep on steemit.

Hopefully Steem will pick up soon again.

All's good!

thanks for sharing daily technical analysis of steem price.

Thanks for an update :)

Tkanks for an update :)

good one..!

Steemir, resteemit, money, news which one?

Steemir, resteemit, money, news which one?


Great chart for steem...

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steem data report looks steady.

Wow the steem is keep upon the line of fire

Thanks for this information

Thanks for the report @elyaque.

great stats today

great report on time @elyaque

1006 new accounts in the last 24h or this month?

thanks for the info.

thanks a lot for staying us updated about steem price.

Awesome Post !

great report once again thanks for sharing it !!


Why the value of steem is that low. I remember it was high a month ago :)

activeness is increasing which is a good sign

All good progress. The steem price is holding steady despite the ups and downs of the market in general. I'm hoping for some updates at Steemfest

Great job.thanks for share.

Great post thank u for sharing love it

steem price is little low but good progress in term of accounts.

same price as yesterday

Cada día hay más usuarios pero no están visitando, ni están activos, creo que por eso esta tan bajo el Steem. :(

Thanks for sharing ;)

Great information of steem
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1k account is good number

Not so bad. Cheers!

good work!

Thanks for sharing importante information.

greet work....keep it up bro

Thanks for the update of steemit report.

Total account is still below 400,000 because everyone is busy making post and getting money, just few people are reaching out to the untold.

That's the reason for my reachout project

1006 new account adding today. Thank you for sharing Daily steem Report @elyaque

Thanks for the information

Special thank to @elyaque for sharing Daily steem report

Great work and great graphic chart.
100% like and resteem

Nice report on one page. Keep it up!

thanks for sharing this great analysis...

'Has @elyaque added commentary on the daily' has been added to my technical indicators. ;-)

Account just went to the great rise once again :)

Great analysis report with daily steem. You have nicely done with graph @elyaque

So many new accounts! This is great news for the future of Steemit ;)

Thanks for the information


Welcome, Welcome. Carry on.


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Thanks for sharing importante information.