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Always wondered which are your followers with the highest Voting power? Use this link and change the username. The list shows all your followers sorted by MVests. Thanks to @jesta for another great tool!

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It'll go down further i think.

What, the price?

Yes so i'll buy then.

Thank you for the link to steemdb, very helpful.

No problem :)

thanks elyaque, always interesting to check out steemdb.

a bit off topic, but I checked out themost recent list of who I am following, and there is a poster on that list who I would never in a zillion years follow. And checking my list on my steemit page, it shows that I do not follow this person. What could that be about, I wonder.

Where do you checked it? In case you wanna un-follow that person, go on his page and klick the un-follow button, on his main page in the right corner, next to mute. If you klick the mute button as well, you don't wanna see post from him anymore ,as simple as that.

If I go to that person's page, it shows I am not following, and he is also not on my page's list of who I am following. But on steemdb, it says I follow that person as of 3 days ago! very strange.

Edited: oh wait, I "Muted" that person because I never ever want to see a post of theirs. is that what is happening?

Yeah guess thats it.... you muted her 3 days ago?

i think it's a guy- got really aggressive.

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