DAILY STEEM REPORT AUGUST, 29TH ★ STEEM 1.65$ + 1035 New Accounts

in steemit •  2 years ago 


All GREEN Today and Steem on it's way to 2$ :) Looking GOOD!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-29 um 08.40.41.png

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Can't wait.

I like this post, it is very informative, and give us an easy to look in déep of steemit. Don't you think?

Great! Steem is slowly and steadily touching the $2 mark...

10 days of bull market regarding Steem, it is starting to look like an upward trend.

Maybe people are done pulling their Steem out to go chase the latest shitcoin, and have now realized that Steem is a better place to be my friend!

Yes indeed, hope the bears are gone :)

Now we going to pass $2 and go to $10

We are near to $2 and near to the all high time if the price can broke that level we can see steem in the clouds

finally we get to smile again.. GO STEEM GO!!!!!

Hope Poloniex enables the Steem wallet soon. They are dragging the price down because of that.

I'd stay away from Poloniex forever if I were you.


Poloniex is shit man... don't you read the news?

I did read the news, but there aren't any better alternatives imho. The currencies that I wan't to trade aren't on other exchanges. Unless you could recommend something.

Another scare in the whole market will take Steem down again. That's my only worry...

Steem is going places!

Lookin' for the all time high passing! I'm glad to see new accounts back up! You guys and gals think we'll pass that all time high? :) I hope so........

Steem Price will grow more in few days.just hold and wait.

If I were blockchain code, I would have raised steem to $50 since June 2017 that I joined steemit, steem will rise to fall no more because together we can crush her foes!

I like that green. Thanks for update!


nice report @elyaque sir, steem is stable and that's amazing. thanks for sharing

UP UP everything is UP in steem.
I bet we will get 1 million users before the end of the year and 3$ steem :)

It looks soo good :) Thanks!

thanks bro

Yea we are not far from 2$ Just a bit left

Steem goes up and up

Green looks good!) Thanks dear @elyaque!

Steem looks like it is generally going up
I might be right with my guess of it getting to $2 by the end of the month.
Let's hope there is an explosive pump sooner or later
Sad to see the rewards pool going down though.
Thanks for the report @elyaque

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Gotta love that green! Resteemed (and it rhymes)

highest i have ever seen :) usually around 1.60 mark

on new high today :)

Steem price still growing. Good.

1.65 this is fun :) thx for report

Thanks for this daily report. Steem is looking good.

keep up the good work @elyaque.

All major cryptos down becuse of BTC skyrocketing, but time will come on steem as well :)

All green dear @elyaque!)

when it will hit $2 can't wait !!

steem keeps growing thats great

good to see your stats once again

Thanks for sharing @elyaque. All good !

big like

Looking GOOD! absolutely lets take it too the moon :D

BTC amazing,

Steem is not even started yet! We can expect a big bull run on Steem when more people discover this unique platform!

Although I agree the price will rise more in the short term @how2steemit - and there might definitely be somewhat of a bull run, I'm still skeptical on its long term growth (just re the value of the Steem crypto) because there's literally no limit to the coins, unlike BTC and some of the other major coins. I know @jerrybanfield and some other folks feel differently, and believe me I'd LOVE to see Steem grow long term, I'm just trying not to get my hopes up.

Thanks for the posts.

Most welcome news! Picked me up from some bad news i got earlier.
Kudos for a great report. Respect!

Loooookin good right now! :)

Thanks for the report @elyaque

Green day that is great to see

thanks for sharing @elyaque sir, your report is so useful

Bull bull bull!!!! Up we goooo!

thank you so much for the steemit daily stats dose :)

here we go now. now the right time comes for the steady Steemit and SDB as well. all of us soon have a party with these figure, better than yesterday , thanks for sharing it @elyaque

10 days of bull market regarding Steem,,,,,,,,........

Steem is amazing! :D

looking very good!

Looking amazing tnx

Can't wait.... Really going places!!! all hail steem

Daily pageviews and unique visitors are at all time high and going up consistently... That's great! I still stand by my $2 price prediction by month end. Anxiously waiting for the new UI/UX upgrades to be implemented... That should make things interesting and raise activity on the platform. The communities feature is one to look out for. A real game changer.

Thanks for sharing the daily info :) it helps me keep up with our progress as a community

Great news!

Great topic
Thanks for sharing

My exepection that the price will go heigher than 3$ in a very short period

Thanks for update

Thanks for sharing this.. :)

Great analysis!

Great analyses of steemit daily report. good post sir.

Thanks for the steemit Update. thanks your post 100% like and resteem

I hope we can keep gaining. I am a minnow but I want to see Steem work.

thx always

Die Kurve sieht sehr gut aus.
Danke dass du uns auf dem Laufenden hälst.
Resteemed :-)

Very Steemy indeed

That's great news. It looks like it will get there sooner than I thought.

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Looking delicious,,,,,,,,,,,,

Nice Video!

And the Steem keeps on growthing, nice job :))))))))))

Steam will take his place soon

Looks great, not just good! It is worth voting

steem will take place soon.....