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Lot's of Authors stop to write because of the last hard fork, so to me a lot of them didn't understand the lower rewards at the moment, or how the whole concept will work out at the end.... Keep writing guys, or you want I get all your rewards? I will keep writing no matter what, Steemit is the future :)



If people stop writing for any reason it's likely they will stop for good. We need to be more careful with changes to the platform that drive people away.

Agree with that, but I prefer they do it now in beta with only a few people around and not when we have a lot of users, it is still in Beta, they just try to polish that Gem until we are ready to show it to everyone and launch alfa :)

The thing is it is not we who made that change, Steemit, Inc. pays nearly no attention to the most loyal and dedicated users and of course the impact on our finances is a factor as well.

Fact is that when the choice is between having an endlessly expanding supply of Steem devaluing our rewards, the impact our Steem Power, the very inequitable distribution of voting power on rewards that has made the trending so bland, and repelled so many new users... People prefer to get lot of likes on their facebook instead of writing, getting tiny rewards, while rubbish keeps being upvoted by whales... The real issues are just not being addressed by Steemit, at all.

I agree. I was honestly expecting authors to be part of the marketing strategy but no sign of that yet.

A lot of people don't want to waste their good material during the low reward period. What are they not understanding? If I post today, it takes 7 days to get a payout, and the pool won't be filled until after 30 days.

Agreed, the whole thing is just messy and confusing to a lot of users right now. When you suddenly don't get even a dollar for a decent post, then you lose motivation to post in here. Totally understandable, imho.

thanks for sharing good information...^^

I think a big problem that we're seeing right now is that if people are not getting paid, they are not using the platform.

Shouldn't Steemit be able to offer something else besides the money? People spend time on other sites for free, only Steemit needs to bribe people to use it.

Something to think about.

Well not everyone is stop to write, but yeah you realize it.... I guess it is part of the process, time will tell....

True - people need to use it first as community to enjoy, have fun which adds also some rewards - but this is a difficult task for any of these players! I personally test a bit around until the pool is full. Fingers crossed all works out

That's the thing - when the payoff is negligible, the bigger userbase and better treatment by management sees people returning to their old social network accounts or trying out some of the emerging competitors who are still way inferior than Steem as far as what it could be.

Normal reaction to the fork

Ha..ha.just keep spirit...🙌

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