How to Join the Bitconnect Class action Lawsuit?

in steemit •  last year

If you've lost money to Bitconnect not all hope is lost. Contact:

11780 West Sample Road • Coral Springs, Florida 33065 • Telephone (954) 516-6000

After speaking to some attorneys in the state of Florida who specialize in class action lawsuits I think they have a legitimate claim. Their biggest issue is locating those responsible. Mr. Trevon Brown (Trevon James), however resides in the great state of Florida himself, and has reportedly been voted #1 most likely to take the fall for the entire Ponzi scheme on WINGS.

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Wow, Didn't really think they were going to be able to have someone accountable. Seems like they really want to go after Trevon. Thanks for always keeping us up to date with all this info. Btw, I use the vincentB tag on my posts and have been following your guide on building my steemit account.

As always much LOVE & RESPECT!

#BlessUp and HODL


Maledetto bitconnect! I hope the people who got scamed gets a refund!

I'm surprised a customer of Bitconnect can be sued. I don't think an Affiliate is considered an employee or officer so what legal grounds is there to sue Trevon? If he himself invested and did not know it was a scam, what legal responsibility does he have? Does he admit to knowing? Was there willful intent to scam? No one was forced by him to invest. Seems strange to me to go after someone not working for the company. Then again, I don't know what his relationship or agreement with them was.
Better solution - since BCC is still trading just have the company offer more BCC to its customers wallets at the current price to offset the losses. That way they keep their customer base and can proceed with their other business plans (exchange, cards etc.) Everyone who agrees to receive the extra BCC will not be allowed to sue. Done, everyone's happy.


When you promote a business and earn commission money, you become a contractor for commissions. If you are an independent contractor making a living out of those profits, it is your responsibility to investigate what you are selling. He was not a salaried payroll employee. Whether he used the profits to invest on the scam itself is irrelevant.


Yeah but all affiliates promote businesses and earn commissions. Are you saying they should all do the research and investigate or face being sued? It’s tough enough suing an employee or officer of a company as there is the protection of piercing the corporate veil. Unlikely affiliates will have an issue.


Yes, anything you are promoting/selling creates a liability for you and paints a target on your back. Specially Ponzi schemes

See on SEC website on Ponzi schemes promoters:

See cases of Ponzi promoters in US being sued , extradited, imprisoned and ordered to pay:


Interesting... Thanks for sharing!

For those of you who don't know, Glenn Arcaro is the director of promotion of Bitconnect in the US.
He recruited Trevon, Craig Grant, Nick and Ryan to market the platform via Youtube. He is one of the "top" Bitconnect executive.

oh i was thinking everyone who lost his money can't see this money for his life! Thank you for this information!

It is well, I hope those affected will recover. Thanks for this information to help people. I will try to resteem it. It could be of help to one or two people

I love what you are doing on the Crypto

Check out my latest piece on the mysterious Boleskine Manor if you get a chance.

is bitconnect scam?


Afraid so

Lol, the ending made me laugh. Keep it up, Vincent. =)

Love your videos Vicent. I am going to start to be more active in Steemit and after following you for some months in Youtube you brought me for the leaking of this gem of Bitconnect Parody. I'm hook, me too, I have been laughing for several days already, so fucking damn happy, I was waiting it already for so long. Great job kudos

Getting refund? hmm, if that happens, it will be a good thing though.

Those who lost funds in this Ponzi scheme need some legal remedy against its failure. It should be easy against the Corporation, it is dicey against referring affiliates.

Justice :)

nice i lost 2k to them so hopefully something happens haha

Damn, good luck to all of those who were affected!