I'm back to Steemit after 3 years. Just want to say hi and talk about stocks :)

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Hi everyone.
My life had some ups and downs and now I feel like everything is going the right way and I would like to come back to Steemit and be part of this community again :)
Also, I was wondering about stock market, like what are your thoughts on what might happen? are you expecting market correction? or maybe something what we had last march because of Covid19 ? And what are your favorite stocks?
I personally sold most of my crypto stocks because I got scared and now I just do occasional trades with stocks like NIO, MWA, and some other popular ones out there. It is very exciting , but also a bit scary.

also... you probably have it already, but here is a WEBULL invitation to get 4 free stocks (this promotion expires very soon)


Pretty much you get 2 stocks for registering and 2 more when you transfer your first $100
I prefer this app the most because it is easy to learn about new stocks there.

so, lets talk about this :)

Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 11.52.19 AM.png


Welcome back to steemit.
Looking forward to seeing your stock write up.

Also, I would love to join some communities that talk about stock market. I'd love to learn more :) send me your invites

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