What Content Creators Should Do with Their Steem

in steemit •  5 months ago

So you've earned some Steem, now what? do you power it up? turn it into bitcoin? or maybe trade it for some SBD on the internal market. In this video, I offer my insights and perspective on what I believe content creators should be doing with their Steem. But remember, this is not financial advice!

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Good video mate and nicely explained. I believe you're right. Unless you're a really strong believer, there's no need to invest in steem. Vloging & Bloging on this platform can be enough, because of the 50% SP you earn from your posts.


nicely put! SP is an investment in steem, so unless you are hyper bullish, or believe steem will outperform bitcoin, it is not a good economic decision to convert from steem to SP


What's the chance for Steem to outperform BTC?.. let's be realistic. There's a big competition going on with the social platforms and unfortunately steemit is not too popular.. but Bitcoin instead, is the beginning of something new.

Good stuff...I'm new but trying to catch on quick.


welcome brotha! yeah this is a really good tip for a newby Id say. See steemit as an opportunity for you to acquire bitcoin without having to pay for it. And yes, steem power is good, but im not a huge proponent of powering up your steem, imo its better just to earn more steem power by making more content


There's nothing too complicated here. Stay active and invest your time bcs you can learn a lot here.

I wasted way too much on steem monsters haha


lololol.. the good thing about that is at least those steem monster cards will be more scarce than steem itself, which inflates every year. The steem monsters team is comitted to making sure they dont screw over steem monster holders, so that the cards will accrue value over time, especially if the game takes off