How not to miss talented artists on Steemit?

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Hello! There are a lot of talented artists on Steemit. I try not to miss new bloggers, I want to share with you those whom I noticed. Personally, I think their work is excellent, but given the large number of posts, they are simply lost in Steemit.

take from I hope She  does not mind)

P.s. This is not advertising, and I do not know any of these people;)))

@aaabbb  She has very beautiful, original photos. I think her blog will be interesting.

@gabchik nice art! I like it! Follow she.

@annart  She has wonderful handiwork work, I like it!

Every day I look for new creative people.  

Let's support creative people! 


Hello @elena2017
Make a #steempearls article about it :) I would like to see one especially about creative content - if you like. And if not, I am just happy, that I found your account. You make so brilliant drawings! ღ

Thanks! I do it! Follow you!

Thank you very much @elena2017 . I am very pleased!))

What about this guy?! @goodam
Crazy amazing stuff.

yes he is! But he was noticed by the community)) but I write about those who have not yet seen) Thank you!

Sorry to be that guy, but I'm out here too fyi.. [email protected] &

Thank you for the list. Following you! (I'm not married either)