The first thing I bought for SBD. One step closer to the dream!

in #steemit4 years ago

Hello dear friends! I want to share with you the joy - I finally got my long-awaited gift! Earlier I wrote to you that on the first withdrawal of funds from Steemit I ordered a graphic tablet. And now my gift is now with me! Thanks to Seemit and you friends, I became one step closer to the dream!


Since I did not have a lot of money, I bought an analog of the Wacom - Huion graphic tablet. Tablets of this company are quite suitable for beginners. Now I can practice and improve my knowledge in this matter. Today I already tried to make a small illustration. Look at this sweet unicorn ...

(do not judge strictly, this is my first drawing on the tablet)


In the future I want to buy a monitor, since the screen of my old laptop is not quite suitable for drawing. With the new monitor, more details will be seen when creating drawings. I will keep you informed of my training and share with you creativity.



I hope you liked my post!


Wow amazing! you got a great item there

Wow it so special that Steemit already paid something for you omg, i love it.

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