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Am not much of a social media person but I am beginning to feel like that has just changed. I have not stayed long on Steemit but already am loving life here. I realize that Steemit offers a lot more than other social media platforms do. It provide a medium for users to showcase their creative minds, by so doing empowering them to be more financially stable, while building an engaging community of Steemians worldwide. 

Steemit has created an avenue for Africans and Nigeria in particular to benefit from. It offers huge opportunities for social media marketing, while rewarding users in return. 

Having discovered Steemit with its massive opportunities, I believe it is time to take it to the next level in Nigeria. 

A few days ago, I read a post from @papa-pepper where he mentioned about attending a Steemy Summer party at Kansas city, and engaged with other steemians on adding value to Steemit, at first I got jealous and wished I was there. On a second thought, I said to myself why can’t we have a Steemit community here in Nigeria? Where we can occasionally meet and engage with one another on growing Steemit in Nigeria, getting more young people involved and preaching the “Steemit gospel.” After all, the population of Nigerians on Steemit keeps growing daily. 

This could be great for Nigerian users, as we could support each. We could even create a Facebook page to stay connected and promote “Steemit Nigeria.” 

Therefore, I am proposing “Steemit Nigeria,” a community of Steemians from Nigeria that is if it is okay and within the rules and regulations of Steemit. I would love to know if they are anything or processes I would have to pass through to getting this happen.  

Please I need some advices, suggestions and comments on this proposal and mission I intend to embark on.    

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