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I have been reading the #Bible a lot lately, and there is a subject that has fascinated a lot lately, and that is the subject about the #Trinity. I got to say #Steem and #steemchurch community, I feel betrayed, by a lot of people. I have grown up being taught about the trinity and how there are three beings all powerful, omnipresent and wise. Like a being with three faces, or a committee with three different beings in it. But all three are one. Now, that I have taken the time to study that doctrine, I realized that it is false and not true.

When I first realized that Jesus is the literal son of God, J 3: 16, Ps 2:7, Prov 8: 34, 2 Sam 7: 14, John 5: 1. I was angry, I was really mad at myself, because I used to hear the preachers saying the reasons why they believed on the Trinity, but I never searched on my on, with prayers. I just accepted what I was listening. I, honestly, was furious. I am always so careful, not to allow false doctrines to come to my mind, but since I was taught since birth those things I just let it through. I have been believing a Roman Catholic Doctrine for most of my life. How shameful to me.

Did you know that: "The word trinity was introduced by Tertullian (160-225 AD) who was a pagan turned Catholic theologian and one of the early Church fathers who wrote in the early third century to define the teaching concerning the Godhead. His conclusion was that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were one substance, but not one in person. He also did not see the Son as being co-eternal with the Father" "The Trinity Doctrine True or False?"., .

I am thinking about writing more about this topic, I hope it helps more people like myself.


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