10 Opensource applications for your Windows Computer

in #steemit4 years ago

Open Source

I got to say that I have not given Windows a try in a while. I got to say Windows 10 is alright, impressive for being windows that is. So, since I have gotten a brand new computer I thought about searching for #OpenSource applications that I may use while I get to put #Ubuntu #Linux in it, and I came across the following link: https://fossbytes.com/windows-10-free-open-source-software-alternative/. It is not bad to use those apps I got to say. #LibreOffice is included with #Qbittorrent, which is what I am using to download Ubuntu, and #Chromium among other open source softwares. I got to say, even when I am not sticking with windows, for obvious reason, I think it is neat to have those options available.

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