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So you want to be a crypto expert? #part 11.1

in steemit •  2 years ago

Ok, you've convinced me. But I cant get a wallet. Now I have over a dozen differet coin/ token types and as many different wallets. Ive also tried and rejected a few more. So Im more used to them than many of us un-nerdy buyers.... But nearest Ive got is having one on my android which gives me the option to sign in, but not create. I therefore have nothing to sign in to.

I cant understand how or what I'm missing here. And just to add salt to the wound you say bitshares does more transactions than the top three coins together? This suggests that it must be possible to own and use a wallet... But how?

Best way for you to promote your precious baby bitshares is to walk us zero-techie woüld-be bitshare owners h through the process of buying and stabling them. Oh, and oodles....pretend we are five, pretty please. :-)

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Well its seems there was a bug preventing sign up. Ive downloaded the update and finally got a wallet. No recovery phrase or private key though... Exchange is included but as yet ive not been able to buy through it - buy orders simply dont confirm. All in all I'm not confident , but have found some links on youtube to try.