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For the safety of others!

It's not a real steemit post!

You can read more about this scam in the recent @arcange's post. Even though the post was about @cheetoh, the scammer is now using a high reputable account that fell for this!

Nowadays it's hard to brute-force passwords. It's much easier to use social engineering and phishing attacks instead.
Don't get scammed like @twinkledrop. :(

Be smart and always verify that the links are legit. Also don't forget to check if you really are on the right site by displaying the site's certificate.

We are having a big surge of these attacks lately and we need to combat them.

Be safe and see you soon.

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In case it wasn't apparent on the first read (like it wasn't for me until I read @arcange's post), links in comments left by this scammer actually go to a fake steemit site where you are prompted to re-enter your password (at which point they steal it). As the author said, read @arcange's post to learn how it works:

Thanks for the heads-up , re-steemed!

Thanks for the alert to the community!

There are two ways that people can mistakenly give away their password. First is like you mentioned with these phishing links. Second is accidentally putting your password in the memo line when initiating a transfer. I don't have much on here, but even if my account was compromised I would be pretty upset.


You can always try to recover it. The problem is that many people are having these SBDs holdings in their accounts and they can be transferred anywhere anytime.

I can appreciate this. If only all of the asshole downvoters could be rounded up and have their testicles smashed into tiny bite size morsels.

Thanks for sharing this.
(Scam alert!)

Good work bringing to light yet another scammy phishing muppet! Perhaps someone with the know-how could write a little code which would be able to follow these types once identified, and leave a comment under their's, warning steemians to be careful. Just a thought.

Good work @eirik. Upvoted as a Thank you and Resteemed to increase awareness of the threat.

Thanks form relaying the information and mentioning my post!