Concrete necklace with preal and gold leaf

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Price: 40$

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A handcrafted pendant made of light concrete with a intentionally damaged surface covered with golden leaf and a pearl in it.

Dark gray,
and golden

70_75 cm

Each concrete pendant is 3cm diameter

Chain material:
Stainless steel chain

Materials used:
Lightweight concrete
Concrete protector sealer
Stainless steel chain

The necklace is shipped in a brown paper kraft box

Production method:

The jewelry designed and made by me in my little home-studio I hope you will enjoy it as I enjoyed designing it.
The concrete pendant is made from lightweight grey concrete. It is cast in a mold. After releasing from the mold and meanwhile the curing process i put a preal in it.Then I gently sand the geometric pendant for a perfect finish. Then made its surface looks damaged with a mini grinder, then covered it with golden leaf. The pendants is coated with a concrete protector that makes them smooth to the touch and waterproofed
As it is fully handmade there may be a slight color differences from the photos.


The necklace looks so beautiful!

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