The Steemit In Nigeria countdown and reminder

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Yes you got that right! It's 25 days more before the biggest steemit event happening in Nigeria at Ile Ife in Osun state. It is the Steemit In Nigeria conference and after party taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of November 2017.

I won't lie, the journey has been hectic and fun, there were times when frustration set in, times when I felt like I was about to explode, but one thing remained at the back of my mind, this event was going to happen.
When I first told a few people who later turned out to become the crew members about the Steemit In Nigeria event plan I had in mind, they all liked it and the first question was if we were going to quit, which I made clear was never an option for me.

The beginning of greater things

The Steemit In Nigeria, popularly called SIN serves a principal function, which is to revolutionize the concept of employment in Nigeria and beyond.
Prevalent crime rates due to unemployment, do nothing but worry some well meaning individuals who have come to recognize that the government cannot do everything for them and that sometimes when God closes a door, He opens a window.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.- Henry Ford

A super team as I like to call them was formed and these individuals comprising of


All came together, from different brands and different projects, united for a common cause to reshape the course of human history starting with Nigeria.

Is this a waste of money?

An event like this requires a lot of money to be spent to make it a success, the question is why you should spend your money on such an event.
This event being a gate free event makes it a double record breaking event. First is as the largest steemit event in Nigeria and the second is an event which requires so much funding being a gate free event. This encourages mass participation in the event and subsequent mass adoption of the platform.

We take the law of conservation of useful SBD/STEEM spending which I created from the law of conservation of energy, but adjusted it a bit. My invented law states that SBD/STEEM spent for the growth of the platform is never wasted, but transformed from one form to another.

Growing the Nigerian population on this platform is a future investment which in turn helps grow the platform itself. That investment is not a waste, but a plus.

Our Agenda

In a previous post Preparing and colonizing Nigeria for a decentralized future. The future we reference here, is one in which there will be mass adoption of Steem/it just as in the case of bitcoin, which also gives it relative trading value a major boost.

A future where Nigerians will be the driving factor for a price boost and the relative usage of Steem will be 1 in 3 people.

Creating a future where the blockchain technology becomes the driving tool for employment around the world using Nigeria as a point of reference and reducing crime and unemployment related deaths.

The vision goes on to push for monopoly like situation for steem and also creating a conducive environment for investors and investments in the platform.

Journey so far

We have been able to get price catalogue from several hotels for booking and knowledge on reservation.


SuitesPrice Per Night
Diver space5,000

De treasure

SuitesPrice Per Night
Executive comfort9,500
Super Executive comfort11,500
Executive Royal13,500
Super Executive Royal16,500
Presidential suite50,000

New Diganga

RoomsPrice Per Night)
Single room12,000
Double room14,000
S/Double room16,000

Xela hotels

RoomPrice Per Night
Special Royal25,000

Hilton hotels

RoomPrice Per Night
Standard room6,500
Classic suite10,500
V.I.P Suite18,500
Presidential Suite24,500

For more information on hotel booking, please click here. Those who are interested in booking their rooms, should do so on time as there are only a few spaces left.

Please contact any of the SIN members on steemit chat to book your hotel room.

Each participant is also responsible for his/her own feeding during the event

Publicity and marketing

Handbills for SIN.jpg

The hand bills will be distributed soon in the environs and this will help increase the publicity not just for the event, but for the platform itself.

Shirts for SIN.jpg

The design for the shirts, the company we hired was impact outdoor media and the material even from the image, you can see is of high quality.
If you want one, you will have to order yours.

Our official Facebook account is available and so is our [twitter account]

Screenshot (401).png
Screenshot (400).png

Proving it to be a success

In a previous post,The desired outcome of the event were clearly stated as follows:
For Nigeria and the Nigerian market to become a key player in the development of steem and steemit. To attain a feasible number of at least 400-500 new registrations in the first few hours of the event and 1,000-2,000 in one week of the programme. By the end of January, to boast of 100,000-250,000 new Nigerians as a result of the Steemit In Nigeria conferance and party. The target is 1 million new registrations before the end of 2018.

Also there will be the presence of heavy security, proper marketing, preparatory sessions, mock events by the team to prepare for the event and new recruits will be properly groomed on the basics of the dos and don't before being registered, booths for sign up for new members will be provided etc

The steemy future for all

Budget of the event

An amazing programme like this requires fund to become a success, the total budget needed is around $3,500 and donations should go to the @leadent360 account on steemit which is the official account used in the monetary collection.
We have gotten slightly over $1,000 which was used to take care of somethings, further donations are ongoing.

However, nothing is too small to donate towards the success of the event and your full upvotes and resteems are also welcome on this post and subsequent posts towards the generation of funds.

Original S.I.N.jpg

First image from pixabay

Thanks to @camzy and @elyaque for the animated art and badge

Ehiboss art.jpeg
lion badge.png
new footer.gif


This is quite a lot of work on your path and I’m not sure I could have been able to bring it this far (if I was in your shoes).

Well done and I wish you nothing but the best.

Thank you, but I am sure you are capable.

Woah! This is really huge...kudos bro. Y'all are doing great with this. Godspeed

Thank you so much

23 days more for me to start packing my bags. All the way from KADUNA CITY, straight to Ile-Efe. I hope ya all are ready to S.I.N? kudo to all team members. It's already a success

We can't wait to have you over at Ile-Ife

Bro, You are really trying your best to bring the event out of the womb... I appreciate you and the amazing crew... Be sure he SIN event will be a successful one..... God will do it... Meet you in 25 days time

Thanks a lot

You are welcome bro

Hello @ehiboss

This is a very ambitious project, but I am sure that you and your team will be able to handle it.


Together we can...

Steemit In Nigeria is only getting better. More grace

Indeed it is

Nice work bro, well done and keep the good works going

Thanks a lot.

You are a shinning example to the youth. Keep up the momentum

Wow, this is still like a dream, would love to be part of it that day but the distance and other factors will make it impossible, nice work anyway I'll be making my donation now

Thank you.

It a big event taken by your group and we know you all will achieve your target...all the very best for your upcoming event.we all are together to make it a success.

Great applause! This idea of one umbrella is very much in order. As I opined in my post with respect to this event, I would love SIN to be a uniting umbrella if all Steemian Nigerians with its conference holding annually. Just like is obtainable with actors guild of Nigeria. I see this becoming a popular national body. Kudos to you @ehiboss


Thank you my friend

Im just getting to know you guys, i mean your works are amazing and @ehiboss you have really built something bro, i only know @Gbenga but i think im getting to know you all now, my name is Josediccus please

You are welcome

I pray the event be a successful one.

Great work.
Steemit in Nigeria moving forward.
@ehiboss: keep the good work on, you're truly a leader

The stage is set and ball has been set rolling. You have come this far, you can only get better. Well done @ehiboss, more power to the team's elbow.

Thank you my friend

Was just wondering what i would comment. I keep saying good job @ehiboss good everytime, like is a figurative Am not going to say good job this time, i will just say may you and your team effort be crowned with success and more grace to finish the task ahead. Thumb up mentor.

Already working out something with work and family so i can attend. You are amazing. Hope security is in place too.Your effort will not be in vain, be sure.Well done boss

Maximum security

Am very glad this came through. Well done to the team, great one @ehiboss.

Hi @have-a-nice-day, The main Tokensale will be in 15 days and is aimed at the wider Crypto Community. This current offer to the Steemit community is running as we speak. You can purchase your tokens using Steem or Steem Dollars here or by doing a transfer to the @sportspodium wallet directly from your steemit wallet. Please use you email address in the memo field and you will receive an email for confirmation.

thanks for sharing keep it up

Fascinating post - thanks @ehiboss .

Hi @ehiboss thanks once again for reminding me. I've been having challenges lately and it seems to me I'm not going to attend.
Na lie devil dey talk...
Flee from me ye spirit of no money...
I will find every means to attend.
Abeg e be like say you go reserve that driver lodge for me ooo cos in gathering cash small small for my lodge.

I also believe the event will change the world. Good job bro.

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