Because of greed and stupidity; cryptocurrency market collapsed, please hold your coins and stop selling; lets steemit and say stop selling coins right now

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In short, I do not want to say prolong philosophical and analytical discourse or assumption of scenarios or even predictions.
There are many organizations and governmental and non-governmental organizations have interests in the collapse of the market either to destroy it completely or to cut prices to buy from below in order to control the wealth of the world. There are three personalities among us who help them achieve their goals.


We have a greedy person who was aspiring to make big gains in a short time. For these people they deserve to lose their money because of their greed and lack of interest for the benefit of people or even the market in general.


The stupid person, who thinks that making money in the cryptocurrency market is an easy process,thy are the majority; unfortunately, once they see that the prices are going down, they panic and make huge sales to their currencies destroying the market.


Finally, we have the monkeys group, and this group is imitators for others, meaning that if people buy thy buy and if people sell thy sell as well and these are the great disaster on the market.


Thus please just hold all selling operations and believe me the market will go back again to the up trend. please don't let the post stop in your steemit blog we can stop selling operations by resteeming,retweeting , a post on Facebook , lets steemit and say stop selling coins right now.

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Good things come to those who wait.


It's that simple.


But who understand this ?


Totally agree with you, good post. But should also write about when to sell and stop selling situation rather then just stop selling. That will give better understanding for those in the platform just to earned profit, to get profit but in the same time maintaining balance of the platform for their own good. A bit of enlightmen how to be a good trader in this platform, if that what they want to do in joining steemit.


yes you are correct, i will add this understanding in my coming post

I think damage is done already.Because common people now totally hopeless about crypto.It will be quite tough for crypto market to regain.Lets see what happened.


lets hope for the best

hodl hodl hodl ;)


sure just hold :)

true nice post :)


Thanks mate 😉